Be Patient with Yourself.

Posted by Zak Reid
Patience Embodied in the Great White Egret

Patience embodied in the Great White Egret / Photo Credit: James DeMers

Patience begets calmness.  There are many moments when we can feel our patience tested: traffic jams, the bank, at work, the supermarket, and countless others.  We may even realize that we need to be calmer in these moments, but there’s another situation which is much more important to remember…  Be Patient with Yourself.

We all want so much out of Life but in this age of Instant Messages, Electronic-Mail and telephones that never leave our sides, our attention span has dwindled away to be replaced by continuous instant gratification.  We have become accustomed to the ability to obtain almost anything we need in virtually no time at all.

Unfortunately this can transfer quite easily to our personal lives and expectations.  It’s easy to have a goal, to have the desire and intention to complete it, and even to start the journey, but when progress slows or stops, when we get frustrated with the slow advance, it’s just as easy to leave it by the wayside.  We have become impatient with ourselves; we don’t want to build a house brick-by-brick anymore; we want the final result now, and if it can’t be had, then we’ll move on to something else.

So on behalf of You, I’m asking You… please Be Patient with Yourself. 

If you don’t get something right away, if you struggle, if you try your hardest but it just doesn’t work, that’s great!  You’re trying!  You’re pushing through the hard part!  If your goal was easy and to be completed in one day, than it wouldn’t be a very big achievement when you completed it, and not to mention, everybody would already be doing it.  The fact that these missions we undertake are difficult is a good sign, it means they’re worth it. We may need to tweak our expectations, but don’t get frustrated, don’t get fed-up, just stay steady, you can do this and all you need is to Be Patient with Yourself.

Zak Reid

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  1. ReplyVal MacFarlane
    Patience is totally key with everything we do! A great reminder for me on my new journey! :-) And you are so right, in today's world we expect things quick and get discouraged or give up when they don't. It is super important to be patient as all great things will come in time! Thank you for the post!
  2. Replybldodson
    Good advice. Hard for me, except in traffic. I do well in traffic for some reason.
    • ReplyAuthorzachary
      That's interesting. I wonder if it's because you know you can't affect the outcome so you just relax and let it happen.
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