4 Days a Week is Every Day.

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When we concentrate our energy on something for a majority of our week, this becomes what defines that week.  It can be positive choices such as – exercise, healthy food, playing an instrument, reading, writing, or contrarily it can be – eating junk food, smoking, drinking, being lazy, or partying,  to name a few.  Many times if we’re doing these activities 4 days a week, it means that most days we’re either engaging in them, or thinking about them.  This comes to define our time and days which becomes our weeks, years and Life.  4 Days a Week is Every Day.

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This is important so reflect upon it.  How do you want to define yourself?  If you have that clear, then that will let you know how your week should be defined.  This allows us to augment the positives in each week, and decrease the impact of our non-positive actions.  None of us is perfect, so we all have items in our life that don’t positively impact our trajectory, but minimizing the influence that these items have helps us to stay in the driver’s seat.

Each day is built from many moments and decisions.  Our life is built upon thousands of days.  So when we decide to put positive, conscious energy into our activity selection 4 days per week, more than ½ of our days will be spent building the positive momentum that we need.  As well as growing the positives it is important that we mitigate the negative impact that our bad habits have upon us.  If you identify a behavior as something that doesn’t provide positive value this gives us a first target to lower exposure to this activity: three or fewer days weekly.  Note that this also can include mental-emotional states such as over-stress and anxiety.

Since our Life is built upon so many moments, if we want to make changes, we need to change the small steps and individual moments.  If we can focus on our days and weeks as time units, this gives us a way to focus to make lasting changes that will affect our lives.  That’s why – 4 Days a Week is Every Day.

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  1. ReplyVal MacFarlane
    Excellent post and so very true! Couldn't agree more! If we actively make good decisions throughout the week, we will continue to make those same positive choices till 'weeks' end (with maybe an indulgence here and there). :-)
    • ReplyAuthorzachary
      Thanks Val, sounds like you're on a 7 day a week program which is transformational! I originally learned this 4 day a week thought from working out, I found my body was much more receptive when I was active and exercising 4 days weekly.
      • ReplyVal MacFarlane
        Thank you! I definitely am a 6 days a week program person! Working out is my escape. Can't imagine a day without it and I have a hard time with rest days! Haha :-) 4 is my favorite number and think it is the perfect amount to work with as well! 😊👍
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