Just Jump.

Posted by Zak Reid

Before making a change, we like to have it all planned out. We like to know what to expect. No surprises please. As much as we wish it was, this isn’t the way it works. The unexpected will always appear, so stop planning and just do it. Just Jump.

There’s a popular quote going around that I’d like to share.
Please read and reflect…

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There’s almost no such thing as ready. There’s only now. And you may as well do it now.” – Hugh Laurie

So why not now? What’s holding you back?

Change can be scary. We want to make sure we are “ready”.  But what if we’re never ready?  Will we just wait forever?  There needs to come a moment where we say – ok, I’m just gonna go for it.  Then go for it.  Jump!

The known is comfortable. But the thing is, nobody ever made it to the top of the mountain by being comfortable. The comfortable guy sits in his recliner and tells stories about how he thought about climbing the mountain years ago.

The climber will have all kinds of stories about the journey to the top. Stories of hardship, difficulty and willpower. Stories of training, and working towards a goal. The top of the mountain is part of the story, but the effort and discipline it took to get there is the journey.

The climber took the jump. He/she decided to go for it. To fully commit and try. Risking failure. Risking getting half-way up the mountain and having to come back down. This happens. Many times these same people continue training, and return to try again, or find another mountain to summit.

You will probably fail at some point on your journey. The trick is forgetting the failure as quickly as possible, and getting on to the next goal.

When we try to plan everything out, we run the very real risk of over-analyzing. The popular business world phrase “Analysis Paralysis” refers to this very phenomenon. In trying to analyze a situation, we can become lost in the details, in the information, and because of this, fail to make a decision and move forward.

“Indecision is often worse than wrong action.” – Henry Ford

If you want to make a change, do it, and do it all at once. Even if you haven’t made the 100% correct choice, you can adjust as you go forward. As Hugh said, no time will be better than now. We’re never really ready anyways, so there’s no use in waiting anymore. Make a Major Change and make it now. Take a breath, count to three, and Go! Just Jump.

Zak Reid


I'm Zak, the Creator and Owner of Quick Me Ups. You can find out more about & contact me at ZakReid.com.

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  1. Replyiuworldtraveler
    Good post fail forward fast. Better to fail than not try and if failure happens do it early.
    • ReplyAuthorZachary @zacharykreid
      Absolutely, if we're going to choose wrong, let's do it now and move on. No use in wasting time and making the same error in the end. Thanks for stopping by!
  2. ReplyJoey
    Awesome post! "Leap and the net will appear," someone recently told me.
    • ReplyAuthorZachary @zacharykreid
      Great way to look at it. How's your idea of the leap - move to the mountains and run full-time going? Hope all's well!
      • ReplyJoey
        I sent out my résumé to a handful of places that are mainly summer ranches all over the western US. And wanted to let destiny choose its course as far as where I'd go. I have been in contact a few times with one in New Mexico. It is sounding promising. Very possible I might be moving anytime from next week or by the end of May. Fingers crossed!
        • ReplyAuthorZachary @zacharykreid
          Great man, wishing you the best of luck! I was born in Washington, grew up in Oregon, lived in Cali and Arizona, have a cousin in New Mexico and a couple friends in Colorado.... .so you could say I'm partial to the West hahaa. Good luck and let me know, fingers crossed for you!!
  3. ReplyHelene
    Thanks for choosing this topic. I'm currently recovering from a "fail" after taking a jump, and it helps to remember it is just part of the process of reaching your dreams. My family and I are stronger for it and would not have had it any other way.
    • ReplyAuthorZachary @zacharykreid
      They're no fun but I think a fall after a jump is much better than no jump at all. Exactly as you said - it's all part of the process. With your family and friends backing you, it's time to get back up, and get ready to jump again :) Good luck with selecting and going after your next set of goals!!
  4. Replylorriebowden
    Hi Zachary! I love your style. And yes, I agree we just have to go for it. And we have to believe...and if it doesn't work out the way we intended it to....that is okay too. Because it always works out ye way it is supposed to. The key is to "jump" for things that make our hearts sing! Lorrie
    • ReplyAuthorZachary @zacharykreid
      Thanks so much for stopping by Lorrie. "The key is to “jump” for things that make our hearts sing!" Very beautifully said, thanks for your input. You have a great site and I will be in touch over there as well. Have a great day!
  5. Replylorriebowden
    Thanks Zachary! So glad you visited. I truly look forward to reading more from you :)
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  7. Replyhttp://theenglishprofessoratlarge.com
    I've "jumped" a lot in my life, some rewarding, some disastrous, but they have all led to where I am now, and I'm content with that......until the next jump.
  8. Replyy. prior
    great photo - and fantastic words - you have such a nice outlook…. :)

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