Inspire Yourself.

Posted by Zak Reid

We often look to others for inspiration…
We watch Youtube videos,
We read books,
We love quotes & Ted Talks.

But what about you?
When was the last time you were inspired by YOU?

Inspire Yourself.

Red Cross Volunteer, Inspirational, Making a difference Quick Me Ups

A Red Cross Volunteer Making a Difference. Inspirational. Photo: Andrea Booher

“People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals – that is, goals that do not inspire them.” – Tony Robbins

Think of a time you have inspired yourself. Many times when we complete goals we inspire ourselves. Running 10 miles for the first time, getting a great test score, reaching an ideal weight, winning a competition, getting a nice, hard-earned paycheck: all of these things help motivate us to continue. They can inspire us to push forward.

That’s the thought of the day – to be your own inspiration and motivation. Sure, we still may need an outside nudge to stay inspired in the long-term, but certainly we can each do one thing to inspire ourselves.

“To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.” – Tony Dorsett

I’ve found the easiest way for me personally to inspire myself is by setting a goal that I genuinely want to accomplish, sharing it with people that are close to me, and then going out and achieving it. I find that by telling my significant other, my family, or my close friends, I feel more obligated to achieve the goal. And once I do, I have someone to celebrate and share that success with, which motivates me to continue.

I recently wrote the article: Can You Help One?. As I was writing it, I decided that if I was going to ask all of you to help those around you, that I needed to step up myself. I made the (public) goal to volunteer and help a local organization in the short-term.

Disclaimer: Prior to that article, I had seen different opportunities to volunteer and had made mental notes to eventually volunteer and help, but I still hadn’t done it.

By writing out my goal and sharing it with all of you, I suddenly felt like I needed to accomplish it. It moved from an eventual “I’d like to help sometime” to a “I need to help now”. I’m happy to say that with your support, I was successful this weekend in fulfilling my goal. In the process, I even inspired myself!

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” ― Jack London

I will be continuing to help this organization 1-2 times per month for the near future. I will write a separate article about this opportunity and will make sure to take photos to share with each of you.

Also, by being a part of this new experience, I’ve inspired myself to keep going and now have new ideas. One of the ideas I have is to eventually set up a Quick Me Ups [QMU] fundraiser and to work with a local, reliable non-profit to deliver that help.

I suddenly had the idea that QMU could continue on the path of using words to uplift you, but also actions. To go out and make a tangible, positive change in the world and share it with all of you. After this weekend I have new, ambitious ideas about how during my short time on this earth, I can grow my positive impact in different way than I had previously realized.

All of this happened because I took myself out of my comfort zone. This happened because I made a goal, shared it with you, went out and accomplished it. By taking this action, I inspired myself to continue forward even more ambitiously. Thank you for your support and motivation, you inspire me.

Inspire Yourself.

Zak Reid

I'm Zak, the Creator and Owner of Quick Me Ups. You can find out more about & contact me at

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  1. ReplyLiz Who Motivates
    Very well written with a pure heart to help humanity where you are at. Love it! :-D
  2. ReplyMarie Abanga
    Simply put, this is powerful. As l grieve the loss of my brother, l however remain inspired, motivated and determined in a goal l set myself-mental health advocacy. I may not have all the support from my close ones, but am my biggest cheerleader. On a funny note, l recently volunteered to help for 'free' of course in a group home for the retired, but my application was turned down today. Courage Zach, all we do for humanity is worth it. :-)
    • ReplyAuthorZachary (
      Hi Marie, I think it's a very noble cause that you have decided to pursue. It seems like it has something that has called out to you, obviously I know how difficult the loss of your brother has been. You inspire those around you and I just wanted to make sure you know that I'm cheering for you as well! And that's funny, I've seen before when people want to volunteer their help for fee and aren't accepted, that doesn't make sense to me! :P Thanks for sharing Marie, stay strong and let me know if you are running low on motivation so I can help cheer you forward :)
      • ReplyMarie Abanga
        Zach, I am indeed running low. Reading blog posts is helping right now. I am however high on my motivation and three Ds to my newest passion. Well, as for the volunteering, they missed out and not the contrary right? :)
        • ReplyAuthorZachary (
          GO MARIE!! I know that I was a little burned out in April and took a two week vacation from my blog and the internet to recharge, maybe that would happen? I'm rooting for you!! :) If you would like to do a Skype call at some point I would be happy to connect and give you a few words of encouragement and brainstorm any new ideas with you. I would be happy to listen. I think you're a very inspiring person and very motivational. Stay strong and keep up the great work!!! :)
          • Marie Abanga
            Hey Zach, Just seeing this. Sure l will figure out how to get in touch once am back. Getting on the internet via the phone and in an internet unfriendly country like this, is a challenge :-)
  3. Replykatelon
    So glad you felt inspired. Love your ideas!
  4. ReplyKen Kai
    Zachary bro, a great post as always. Funny that you wrote this just now! I have been thinking the same. I love that quote from Jack London. That is absolutely spot on! That is also why I kinda started this travel blog. I got a taste of inspiration in my earlier travels and being in the one place kinda scared me. I needed to get the hell out and explore more. But a lot of people confuse inspiration-seekers with travelers. I didn't just travel to "see" the world, I wanted to learn about it. I wanted to use that knowledge and help others as well as help myself progress further but also to progress smoother. Because I now I know what I want.. I'm not blinded by societies standards. I'm taking a path away from the life of a sheep and couldn't be happier. Hope you're doing well my man. Have a great week, Ken
    • ReplyAuthorZachary (
      Hey bro, awesome response. Great to hear some backstory as to why you started your site. I would be interested to understand more about where you're headed next, where you & your blog will be a year from now. Are you inspired to document explorations all over the world, to help others get out of their shell and travel, etc.? It sounds like by moving to Bali you've really aligned your path with what the inner you wants. That's awesome, very inspirational! Again, stoked we've linked, I'm 2 articles behind on your page but will be stopping by soon. Take care and be well, talk to you soon bro! Z
  5. ReplyMy traveled road (@IUwoRldTraveler)
    Nice post inspiration definitely starts from within it's kinda like love must love yourself before anyone can. Good on you for getting new ideas and opportunity to start a fundraiser. I'm sure it will all work out. Keep providing great inspirationals.
    • ReplyAuthorZachary (
      Good comparison with loving ourselves first, that's a great way to look at it. I think it's also the same with how we see the world. If we can find internal balance and equilibrium, then outside events don't affect our mood / view of the world / disposition as much. It's a great goal to strive to be more independent and self-creating vs. reactionary. Thanks for stopping by and keep up your blog, helping people think about the world outside of their city. Thanks for stopping by!
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