Everyone Has Their Own Truth.

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It seems like the Earth is currently engulfed in arguments. There are religious arguments, geographical disagreements, unrest and frustration. I think one thing  seriously lacking is compassion and understanding.

It can be so easy for us to become consumed by our own viewpoint and belief that only we are correct, which can lead us to completely misunderstand our neighbor. If we each see the world through a unique lens, then of course another life will look strange to us through our lens.

We need to step back for a minute and remember that…

Everyone Has Their Own Truth.

Amish family living a much different life than most of us. Everyone has their own truth.

An Amish family living a much different reality than I do. Photo: OttawaAC

“I feel like when people judge me they’re not judging me, because they don’t know who I am.” – Gisele Bundchen

We each have our own unique set of views and beliefs. My beliefs may be very different than yours, but that doesn’t make them any less valid. We each have our own world and truths.

If I can’t understand your thought process, beliefs, or decisions, one thing I can understand is that you’re following what you believe in. You’re following your truth. I may not understand somebody’s actions, but I also see the world from a much different perspective, so their path will seem distorted from my position.

If I can’t truly understand somebody else’s reality, then why would I be so smug as to pass judgement upon their situation?

It just doesn’t work like that. Each of us have our own truths. We each have a mix of genetics, moods, preconceptions, cultural teachings, and thoughts that influences the morality and logic that we have. What “makes sense” to me may not “make sense” to you.

But that’s OK.
We each have our own truth.

We have different beliefs in the way in which we see the world.

I don’t use the word hate.
I don’t even like saying nor typing it.
I don’t hate anybody.

I wouldn’t hate a child for not being able to drive a car. The child has not grown enough to be able to understand how to drive a car. Spiritually and intellectually this happens everyday. People act upon base emotions, because they’re still in a base position.

So while some people make me very upset, I do not hate them. Even if their actions cause harm to others, I try not to judge them. As wrong as I think some peoples’ actions are, they may come from a very base state, so of course their actions will look extremely wrong to somebody not in the same base evolutionary state.

I don’t carry rancor in my heart.
Hating somebody else hurts us.
I don’t damage me simply because I don’t understand them.

This doesn’t mean that I agree with people hurting one another. This doesn’t mean that we have to accept violence. We can still vote, protest, write, speak and share in opposition to violence, corruption and greed. But we can do all this without hate and judgement in our heart.

So next time you see somebody else with a viewpoint radically different than yours, instead of attacking or fighting with this person, let’s take a moment to realize that while we may strongly dislike their actions, that person is following what they believe in. It may not make sense to us, but let’s try to be compassionate and understanding, just as we would like others to let us live our truths.

“The least amount of judging we can do, the better off we are.” – Michael J. Fox

Everyone Has Their Own Truth.

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  1. ReplyAkriti
    One of your best posts :)
    • ReplyAuthorZachary (QuickMeUps.com)
      Thank you! It's a bit of a delicate subject to talk about on Quick Me Ups so I tried to choose my words wisely :) Have an amazing day, I'll be by to say hi, take care!
  2. ReplyKhushboo Arora
    Reblogged this on The Invictus Soul and commented: "Everyone has their own truth!" One of the best from Zachary :)
  3. Replylbeth1950
    Thanks so much for reminder! Reblogging on Nutsrok
    • ReplyAuthorZachary (QuickMeUps.com)
      You gave me a big smile. I will make sure to visit your blog to check it out. Thank you so much for sharing with your readers, means a lot to me. Have a great day!
  4. Replylbeth1950
    Reblogged this on Nutsrok and commented: Thanks for reminder from quickmeups
  5. ReplyNicholas C. Rossis
    Lovely post. It's in the spirit of the festive days but I like to think that this is the kind of compassion and understanding that are necessary all year round. Thanks for sharing and keep writing!
    • ReplyAuthorZachary (QuickMeUps.com)
      Thank you for your visit and input Nicholas. You're correct in that it's in the spirit of festive days, but it really should be a year round thought. I hope we can continue to remind one another. Thanks for the visit and comment, take care!
  6. Replyerikakind
    Love that post. You kind of sum up my chapter "The Evaluation of Subjective Reality"!
    • ReplyAuthorZachary (QuickMeUps.com)
      Thanks Erika. Do you have an entry on a blog about this topic or is it in your book? I very much appreciate your visit, thank you!
      • Replyerikakind
        Thank you, Zachary! I enjoyed reading your post. It is a chapter in my book "I'm Free". But you will find this topic in some way in my posts since it is part of not judging and tolerance and also of detaching ourselves from the needs to be right.
        • ReplyAuthorZachary (QuickMeUps.com)
          Sounds great Erika, I will check it out. It's awesome to hear that you also think along these same lines. The more people we have that have compassion for others and understand that each of us sees the world very differently, the better our world will be. Thank you!
          • erikakind
            Yes, I am grateful too! :D Have a wonderful day and a joyful Christmas time. Thanks for replying, Zachary.
  7. Replyashokbhatia
    Makes one think of some serious issues in life!
    • ReplyAuthorZachary (QuickMeUps.com)
      Well I hope that's a good thing! I tried to approach this topic in a light, uplifting way, and hope you took something positive from it. Thanks for your visit and comment. Take care.
  8. Replyedwinasepisodes
    Very well said!
  9. ReplyApphiaone
    Thanks, that was a good and inspiring read...so many talented and innovative minds!...keep pouring good into our souls. :)
  10. ReplyApphiaone
    Reblogged this on Apphiaone's Blog and commented: Hi Readers: I have been reading so many wonderful articles on WordPress, and what I choose to re-read I would normally save for later. Well this article was too irresistible not to share "Everyone Has Their Own Truth" So simple and profound.
  11. Replydm yates
    It all comes down to love, honor, and respect all, doesn't it?
  12. ReplySamjoth Sashidharan
    Wonderful post..!!! :)
  13. Replyprior
    I agree that it should be "a year round thought." cheers :) <3
  14. ReplyGushopper
    I love this post. It could be the foundation to world peace if everyone understood the message.
  15. Replyvishalbheeroo
    Brilliantly told. An amazing post told from the heart. It's been something that plagued me and perhaps, it's our ego or we don't make enough effort to understand each other.
  16. Replyvishalbheeroo
    Reblogged this on Vishal Bheeroo and commented: A brilliant post that must be read and mulled upon. Let's be each other's strength in disagreement. Open up:)
  17. ReplyDaniel Guim
    This is such a great post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I wish more people would see things this way!
  18. ReplyA regular Indian girl!
    Beautifully written!
  19. Replydreamzandclouds
    a very positive post! :)
  20. ReplyTravis Wengreen
    This is a wonderful post. I love the point that "we all have our own truth." this is such a great subject. I am excited to have come across your blog and look forward to hearing more from you.
  21. Replyruchira
    Beautiful post and the words are so appropriate! Everyone has their own problems to deal with...thus can't conclude over things!
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  23. ReplyAnoop Alex
    I wonder how easy it would have been to be compassionate and understanding to Hitler's nazi regime instead of fighting it. Maybe you would be interested in this link: http://www.heartofspirituality.com/html/Truth/MT-YT.html

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