Let's Improve Through Feedback.

Posted by Zak Reid

Constructive feedback is a powerful tool we can use to improve ourselves. When we’re trying to get better in some aspect of our life, putting a lot of energy into it, and focusing constantly on our advancement, it can sometimes be very difficult to judge our improvement objectively.

With kind, encouraging, honest words, friends and family can be our best source of feedback to help us improve. We can also be a great resource for those we care about.

Let’s Improve Through Feedback.


Arizona Cardinals’ Head Coach Bruce Arians is known to be very transparent and open with his players, while notably caring about each of them – this has been a very successful approach.

“Coach them hard and hug them later.” – Bruce Arians

It’s easy to become defensive when somebody critiques our work, so in order to avoid confrontation, the norm is to avoid this situation altogether. But what happens if we’re learning a skill incorrectly, and nobody corrects us? If you learn the activity wrongly the first time, and repeatedly practice it with errors, it will be much more difficult to correct in the future.

Whereas, if while learning a new skill, somebody brings attention to an error in a kind, compassionate manner, it becomes much easier to correct and grow your craft correctly. The path to excellence becomes suddenly easier to follow.

You can also impart this type of change on someone else’s world.

Please note: I’ve decided to talk about constructive feedback in place of constructive criticism. I’m not talking about criticizing somebody else, so I don’t think that word aptly applies to what compassionate, honest feedback entails.

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates

An example: I’m currently working on a music project with a number of friends. I’ve made a conscious effort with each one of them to indicate that I welcome constructive feedback, and appreciate and value their input. They have each returned in part, and this allows us to have a much more open and transparent collaboration.

“One of the things I’ve learned is to be receptive of feedback.” – Ben Silbermann

Constructive feedback, when welcomed, may sound something like: “I really like this song; I prefer the melody in the first part if you can find a way to continue that.” – “I think that’s a great page design, but it seems like there is too much information for me at once.” – “I think you play that game very well but it seems like you’re always pressing, have you tried slowing down a touch?”

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” – Ken Blanchard

If we can identify something we think they’re doing well, and something that can be improved – while leaving them space to make changes as they see fit, it can really help.

I enjoy asking for feedback. It’s so easy to get lost in practice, that we can lose an objective view of ourselves and our task. We can’t even see what we’re doing or how we’re doing it. This is exactly when a fresh set of eyes can help us out.

So let’s ask those around us for feedback, and offer our opinion in turn, if solicited. If we can build trusted feedback network and surround ourselves with positivity, we can become the best version of ourselves.

Let’s Improve Through Feedback.

Zak Reid


I'm Zak, the Creator and Owner of Quick Me Ups. You can find out more about & contact me at ZakReid.com.

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  1. ReplyMy traveled road (@IUwoRldTraveler)
    Constructive criticism is important to help each of us growth and become better people. Nicely worded.
    • ReplyAuthorZachary (QuickMeUps.com)
      Thanks and yes, I couldn't agree more. We have to be careful how we word things so that people don't become defensive, and open ourselves as well to constructive criticism, but it can absolutely be a tool to help us grow!
  2. Replyyprior1
    well Zac - I am so glad I made it to this feedback post - because I think it is one of the most valuable things we need in life! :) but getting good feedback is not always easy! :) glad you mentioned the getting defensive part…. - and like the examples - hope your music project is going well -
    • ReplyAuthorZachary (QuickMeUps.com)
      Thanks Yvette, I think it'd be great if we were able to help each other improve via feedback without getting defensive! I don't know if we'll get to that point as a society, but I think each of us can create a world in which we share openly with friends. The downside can be that if you have made something creative and everybody keeps saying "change this" or "change that" it can undermine your creative confidence so there's a limit.... I spoke with an author who had her friends editing her book and each one wanted to change something else, so we have to be mindful of that.0 But in general, I think it can help us grow, see our work from a different viewpoint, and get better! Thanks for your visit and kind words, keep up your great work! :)
      • Replyyprior1
        wow - you really hit the nail not he head - because my husband found that with his CD projects - too many people helping and he never got it done! lol - or it was a headache and got muddied if he listened to too many folks. but the sad thing is that - like you said about defensiveness - well it is that our culture has not embraced the teaching and passing down wisdom that is supposed to happen - and then sometimes the only criticism that comes up is from a critical spirit - or comes with bad delivery - and so who would not be critical. whew - but my least favorite of all is a non-teachable spirit - and I just encountered a few very stubborn older people who not only think they know it all - but they are so resistant to any feedback well i can see why they struggle with a few areas that they later compel;win about. well this is such a loaded topic - ha! but nothing a quick me up cannot help a bit! ,<3
        • ReplyAuthorZachary (QuickMeUps.com)
          hahaha yeah I've met a number of those - "I'm always write" types, tricky, but I usually just leave them alone. It's not worth fighting for someone that is unable to see a different vantage point! Well I hope your husband was able to turn others out and finish his CD projects! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your insights! :)

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