How Are You?

Posted by Zak Reid

Joey Schrichte from Road to a 100 shares his thoughts with us:

What is one of the most common question that two people ask when they see each other or talk on the phone?

How are you?

A hug and a how are you is a normal greeting between close friends and family

After a hug or handshake, we like to ask ‘how are you?’. Photo: Tyler McCulloch

Each person is genuinely interested in how things are going for the other.

This is the perfect chance for either person to open up, be honest and express themselves with a friend or relative. When you share how you are feeling, don’t you feel better all of the sudden? Especially when you are engaged in conversation with someone very close to you.

But while we do this with everyone around us, I believe we often forget to ask this to the person that knows us better than anyone else, ourselves.

I think by asking ourselves this everyday we could see positive changes that would make a huge impact on our livelihood.

And this wouldn’t even take more than a few minutes a day.

A good idea would be to take out a small piece of paper, or use a computer or phone, and have a conversation with yourself.

First, simply ask and write down “how are you?”

Answer this honestly. You are talking with yourself and there should be no reason to put up any walls in this relationship.

Are you feeling tired, sad, happy, anxious, thrilled, calm, motivated? Whatever it is you feel, write it down.

I think by doing this and allowing the open conversation within ourselves, we will feel relief if we are on the negative side of the emotional spectrum or more joyful if we are leaning on the positive side of the spectrum.

And now ask, why?

Don’t take more than a few seconds thinking about this.

By identifying what is making us feel down, we can easily take the steps to turn our day around and feel better. On the other side of things we can see what is making us so happy and maybe focus on those things more often.

The other day I was impatiently waiting for a friend to text message me in response to what I sent. Time seemed to be going half speed and I was so anxious that I just couldn’t do anything else. I was constantly checking my phone.

I decided to sit down and write out how I was feeling and why I felt that way.

Immediately I put my mind at ease and went about my evening in a more carefree way. I noticed that I felt so much better just by taking the time to ask myself how I was feeling.

Our relationship with ourselves is the most important one because we are who we spend the most time with and we are the ones in charge of how we ultimately feel.

There is the common phrase that we are our own worst enemies, but I think with this simple exercise we will begin to be our own best friend, as we truly are.

Make time for you.

– Joey Schrichte 

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So how are you? Personally, I’m preparing for some major life changes so I’ve been busy, as well as a bit stressed and anxious. But this will pass as these changes manifest.

I can’t wait. QMU will be getting a lot more energy and attention in April, and it’s about time!  I hope this message finds you well!!

How are you?

Zak Reid

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  1. ReplyDe'Jav
    Good post we need to go back to the basics and evaluate how "I" am doing. I'm excited about what is going to in the upcoming months in the loan process for a rental property and should be traveling by June.
    • ReplyAuthorZachary (
      Absolutely man, I'm also excited to see what you do. You are a person that definitely seems to listen to your heart, when you're not happy, you're not scared to change. I keep rooting for you, keep up the great work!
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