It’s Time to Unite

Posted by Zak Reid

It’s time to unite.

Well, it’s always been time, but more than ever, we need to come together NOW. It’s time to stand together – to stand up for one another. It’s time to confront fear and hate with LOVE.

It’s Time to Unite.

Quick Me Ups It's Time to Unite

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Vitriol has always been around – but with the advent of social media shouting matches, hateful words can now reach farther than ever. People can preach hate hidden behind a computer screen without consequence. Sadly, hateful words seem to carry farther and stronger than words of Love & Acceptance. So we need to outnumber them. We need to outshout them.

It’s Time to Unite.

Humanity’s social advancement is a like a pendulum perched atop a tortoise. While it slowly moves forward as a whole, it constantly swings backward and forward. People vote and fight for the rights of a vulnerable minority, but just as their goal is achieved, some group opposed to said minority acts out…

Gay marriage passes and then anti-gay groups lash out. A racial minority is elected to office and then racists lash out. The tortoise advances while the pendulum swings backward. Only together can we lessen these backward swings.

It’s Time to Unite.

We can learn a lot from bullies on the playground. A big bully can beat up a small child because of the indifference by the rest of the peer group. While every single other child may be individually smaller than the bully, together they are bigger.  They outnumber the bully; they out-power the bully. From Psychology Today:

“[W]hen observing bullying behavior, […] initiate a reaction in other observers to quickly form a vocal group consensus. With others behind you, then, you present the bully with too many targets to manage.”

It’s Time to Unite. 

It’s time to stand up against Hate. It’s time to speak out. It’s time to show the world that we are the many. I believe that most people are good, but that the bad ones speak so loudly, it’s easy to believe that everyone thinks the way they do. It’s our job to band together and speak up against social injustice.

Injustice doesn’t have to be physical – racial slurs and remarks hurt and stay with people. Your words of Encouragement, Love and Acceptance can go far with that same person who was just belittled because of the color of their skin, of the god they worship, their sex, they way they dress, or the language they speak. Let’s help pick them up when they’ve been knocked down.

It’s Time to Unite.

Love will win out. I believe it. But for it to happen we have to be proactive. Let those who are abused know they are not alone. Let’s teach our children that it’s not Ok to judge others based upon appearance. When I was a small child my mother told me “never judge someone by the way they look or how they speak, always get to know them.” That made perfect sense to me at age 6.

Later in life, when I encountered homophobic, prejudice or racist people, I had a hard time understanding how people could even think in that manner. Children are sponges, and are much more emotionally intelligent than we give them credit for, so let’s teach them to Love and stand up against Hate.

It’s Time to Unite.

Let’s band together. Personally, I don’t hate people that spew prejudice and racist remarks – I look at them as lost, scared, or simply uneducated and ignorant. Maybe they feel insecure and threatened; maybe they feel alone; maybe they’ve been indoctrinated in hate since childhood; maybe they don’t feel accepted.  Something’s wrong in their world and if I respond to their hate with more hate, that fuels their fire and grows hate within me. Let’s converse with compassion.

I refuse to propagate hate. I preach Love and believe it’s the only path to a harmonious, fruitful future. But it’s not easy. We need to speak up for those with no voice. We outnumber the hurtful. Let’s band together, be strong, and spread Love.

It’s Time to Unite.

How can we better unite?
How can we, as a people, make the persecuted feel accepted?
How can an individual help? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Zak Reid

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  1. Replykatelon
    Lovely post Zak. I'd re-blog it if there was a link to click. Alwaus great to receive your blog in my email. :)
    • ReplyQuickMeUps
      Hi Katelon, thank you for your support. I hadn't been updating, and clicked in the other day and realized I really wasn't happy with the theme so I quickly changed to a more minimalist theme that wasn't cluttered. I hadn't realized there was no reblog button, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Sometimes our best creativity is born from frustration, felt good to write again. Hope all is well!
  2. Replyprior..
    This is amazing Zac and I really appreciate your sound wisdom as the years go by - seriously, I was thinking of you a lot this fall - and glad tp read in a different post about your adventure and all that - best wishes to you and the fam. and to this: It’s Time to Unite. Love will win out. I reply: I believe it too my friend. peace out

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