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Dogs Save a Girl’s Life [NEWS]

Posted by Zak Reid

On a brisk Canadian evening a 9 year old girl went missing. Meghan, from north of Edmonton, was last seen riding her bike at about 6 pm. wearing just a spring jacket and sweatpants.

After a short time, when she didn’t return,┬áher family began to worry. Luckily, young Meghan was accompanied by her three dogs and they helped her survive┬áthe night. (Animals are the best.)

Good News Quick Me Ups Girl First Nation Saved by Dogs

Meghan with her 3 companions. Photo: CBC Canada

Starky, Brute and Prince are the real MVPs of this story. These three dogs knew what to do when Meghan found herself in the middle of the woods at nightfall.

The night wasn’t a warm tropical night either. Meghan’s from the Frog Lake First Nation close to Edmonton, Canda. With near-freezing temperatures at night and the child under-dressed, her family and neighbors were understandably very worried.

A search party was quickly assembled of about 30-40 people between community members and the police. After a full night of fruitless searching, the police were preparing to order helicopter assistance from Edmonton when…