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5 Benefits of Sweating It Out.

Posted by Zak Reid

Most of us have a daily routine. We wake up, do morning things, do work things, then return home to do a few nighttime things, then sleep. A lot of these things are sedentary – driving, sitting at a desk, then driving again, and now that you’re home and tired… some more sitting.

The problem with this routine is that our bodies were built to move. So here’s your reminder: whether your stressed, depressed, tired, or just bored… Sweat It Out!

Sweat it out 5 benefits to sweat it out sweating quick me ups

Photo by Mike Baird

Our bodies have natural systems built in to stimulate our brain as we exert energy. We weren’t built to sit around doing nothing… but that’s exactly what many of us do. And while many people have heard about the benefits of exercise, there are very real benefits of sweating!

“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” – Isak Dinesen

Here are a few benefits that sweating provides:

  1. Sweat Clears Out Toxins

    Sweat does a wonderful job at cleaning out our system. Sweating flushes out substances such as cholesterol, alcohol and salts. It’s a natural way that we can help clean out our system, to keep our body functioning at optimal levels. There is also research that shows that sweat can help eliminate trace-metals, and cells damaged by toxic chemicals.

       Read 4 more sweat-benefits below: