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Get Grounded through Nature.

Posted by Zak Reid

We get lost…
Lost in our thoughts…
Stressed out…
Lost in our day.

It’s easy to lose track of our priorities and what’s truly important. Just like a computer or phone that’s been on too long, sometimes we need to reset. We need to get back to basics, start over, and build from there. While each person is different and has their own needs, spending some time in Nature is almost universally beneficial for us.

We are from the Earth. Our ancestors lived in caves, huts, under trees, and with the land. We hunted, gathered, and farmed. All non-domestic animals live this way. While technological advances and a migration to city centers have separated us from this direct connection with the Earth, it is still present within each of us.

Let’s remember to get back to basics.
Let’s take a moment to get grounded and then move forward.

Get Grounded through Nature.

Yerba Loca Natural Sanctuary Chile Andes Mountains Nature Zachary K. Reid Quick Me Ups

Yours Truly at the Natural Sanctuary ‘Yerba Loca’, Andes Mountains, Chile

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

I admit: I sometimes forget. Even though I feel amazing after spending time in Nature, I sometimes get too caught up in my day-to-day world to make time for the outdoors. I get too overwhelmed, preoccupied, and lost in to-do lists. I forget. 

But when I remember to escape the material world and spend time in the natural world, it’s therapeutic. Nature moves at a slower rhythm – a calm and consistent pace. Just the act of spending some quiet time in nature allows us to slow down and pay attention.

“The earth has music for those who listen.” ― George Santayana

It allows us to get out of our heads. With phones, tablets, computers, televisions, desk jobs, and a million things to do, many of us live in our heads. We’ll be driving our car and already thinking about what will happen when we arrive, or distracted with our phone as we drive. We will be there… but not there.

Being grounded is being present in your body, not lost in your thoughts.

Have you ever seen someone washing the insulators of a transmission tower? Probably not, but companies do it to avoid flash-overs which could leave you without electricity.

These workers will sometimes be 50 m. (164 ft.) up in the air, working with hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity all around them, and spraying (conductive) water! They’re able to do this by staying grounded.

This means that if electricity jumps and follows their water stream back to them, it will then follow their grounding cable, and head directly to the earth. If this occurs and the worker is not grounded, the results would most likely be fatal.

This is a good metaphor for our lives. When we’re grounded with a steady base, if we have a problem or bad situation, we can allow it to pass and move on. If we’re not grounded, and instead stuck up in the air, lost in our thoughts – a bad incident can be very damaging. We will think and think, relive and rehash the event. We can get stuck and even metaphorically electrocuted.

But why nature?

Apart from Nature allowing us to unwind, breathe clean air to detoxify, and learn from our surroundings, there is scientific research into this. Without getting into many details, grounding (or earthing) allows us to receive the free electrons available on the surface of the earth to balance or many-times over positively charged bodies.

There are studies indicating some people have found relief from inflammation and joint discomfort via grounding. This is many times achieved by being barefoot in (wet) grass or sleeping while grounded. If you’re interested, you can search for more info on google or read more here.

But apart from science, we can just take a walk in Nature to feel it for ourselves.  We can open our eyes, ears, mind, and close our mouths. Relax. Listen…

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” – Maya Angelou

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” –  Aristotle

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” ― John Muir

We’re from Nature and it’s important that we return when we can. Today (Thursday) I am heading to Lake Rapel here in Chile and will be without internet or distractions until Sunday.

I hope to sit, rest, write, read, think, not-think, relax, sleep, ground myself, reset, and come back reconnected. Much as I did a few months when I wrote Disconnect to Reconnect, I’m happy to take a few days away in order to return with a renewed sense of direction. Have a great weekend and get out for a hike or to a park if you can.

“Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.” – John Lubbock

Get Grounded through Nature.

Inspire Yourself.

Posted by Zak Reid

We often look to others for inspiration…
We watch Youtube videos,
We read books,
We love quotes & Ted Talks.

But what about you?
When was the last time you were inspired by YOU?

Inspire Yourself.

Red Cross Volunteer, Inspirational, Making a difference Quick Me Ups

A Red Cross Volunteer Making a Difference. Inspirational. Photo: Andrea Booher

“People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals – that is, goals that do not inspire them.” – Tony Robbins

Think of a time you have inspired yourself. Many times when we complete goals we inspire ourselves. Running 10 miles for the first time, getting a great test score, reaching an ideal weight, winning a competition, getting a nice, hard-earned paycheck: all of these things help motivate us to continue. They can inspire us to push forward.

That’s the thought of the day – to be your own inspiration and motivation. Sure, we still may need an outside nudge to stay inspired in the long-term, but certainly we can each do one thing to inspire ourselves.

“To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.” – Tony Dorsett

I’ve found the easiest way for me personally to inspire myself is by setting a goal that I genuinely want to accomplish, sharing it with people that are close to me, and then going out and achieving it. I find that by telling my significant other, my family, or my close friends, I feel more obligated to achieve the goal. And once I do, I have someone to celebrate and share that success with, which motivates me to continue.

I recently wrote the article: Can You Help One?. As I was writing it, I decided that if I was going to ask all of you to help those around you, that I needed to step up myself. I made the (public) goal to volunteer and help a local organization in the short-term.

Disclaimer: Prior to that article, I had seen different opportunities to volunteer and had made mental notes to eventually volunteer and help, but I still hadn’t done it.

By writing out my goal and sharing it with all of you, I suddenly felt like I needed to accomplish it. It moved from an eventual “I’d like to help sometime” to a “I need to help now”. I’m happy to say that with your support, I was successful this weekend in fulfilling my goal. In the process, I even inspired myself!

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” ― Jack London

I will be continuing to help this organization 1-2 times per month for the near future. I will write a separate article about this opportunity and will make sure to take photos to share with each of you.

Also, by being a part of this new experience, I’ve inspired myself to keep going and now have new ideas. One of the ideas I have is to eventually set up a Quick Me Ups [QMU] fundraiser and to work with a local, reliable non-profit to deliver that help.

I suddenly had the idea that QMU could continue on the path of using words to uplift you, but also actions. To go out and make a tangible, positive change in the world and share it with all of you. After this weekend I have new, ambitious ideas about how during my short time on this earth, I can grow my positive impact in different way than I had previously realized.

All of this happened because I took myself out of my comfort zone. This happened because I made a goal, shared it with you, went out and accomplished it. By taking this action, I inspired myself to continue forward even more ambitiously. Thank you for your support and motivation, you inspire me.

Inspire Yourself.

Be the Best YOU Today.

Posted by Zak Reid

You’re amazing.
You’re talented.
You haven’t even scratched the surface of who you can be… your best YOU.

This isn’t a call to arms to change your entire life. This is just a helpful reminder to be the best YOU today. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, today.

Be the Best YOU Today.

Dalai Lama Patient Best You Possible via Quick Me Ups

Dalai Lama does a great job at being the best Him. Photo credit: Christopher Michel

This is a reminder to be the amazing person you know you are deep inside. Sometimes our mind gets in the way… thinking, worrying, over-analyzing. But if you can be quiet, even for a moment, and listen… the true YOU is in there, full of love, happiness, and compassion. All we have to do is listen. Embrace that you.

The inner, true, best you isn’t worried about trivial nor material things. That you is relaxed and happy, but more importantly, wants to spread that happiness. That you wants your neighbor to smile, you coworkers to laugh, and people all over the world to be at peace and full of love.

That’s the best YOU. That’s the real YOU.

Let’s try to be that person for as much of the day as we can. There may be moments when we forget, and get caught up in our normal brain patterns, but then we just have to gently remind ourselves. The best you doesn’t curse because of a traffic jam, long for vengeance, harbor hate, nor is that inner you critical. The best you accepts, understands, and loves everyone, including yourself.

Be the best YOU today. Let me know if I can help. I’m here to help lift you up if you stumble. I’m rooting for you, the present you, the how-you-are-right-now you. But I’m also rooting for the present you to get closer to the inner you, the true you, as much as possible. I’m rooting for YOU. I believe in YOU. I hope you believe in YOU too.

Be the Best YOU Today.