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It’s Time to Unite

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It’s time to unite.

Well, it’s always been time, but more than ever, we need to come together NOW. It’s time to stand together – to stand up for one another. It’s time to confront fear and hate with LOVE.

It’s Time to Unite.

Quick Me Ups It's Time to Unite

Photo: Frerieke

Vitriol has always been around – but with the advent of social media shouting matches, hateful words can now reach farther than ever. People can preach hate hidden behind a computer screen without consequence. Sadly, hateful words seem to carry farther and stronger than words of Love & Acceptance. So we need to outnumber them. We need to outshout them.

It’s Time to Unite.

Humanity’s social advancement is a like a pendulum perched atop a tortoise. While it slowly moves forward as a whole, it constantly swings backward and forward. People vote and fight for the rights of a vulnerable minority, but just as their goal is achieved, some group opposed to said minority acts out…

Dogs Save a Girl’s Life [NEWS]

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On a brisk Canadian evening a 9 year old girl went missing. Meghan, from north of Edmonton, was last seen riding her bike at about 6 pm. wearing just a spring jacket and sweatpants.

After a short time, when she didn’t return, her family began to worry. Luckily, young Meghan was accompanied by her three dogs and they helped her survive the night. (Animals are the best.)

Good News Quick Me Ups Girl First Nation Saved by Dogs

Meghan with her 3 companions. Photo: CBC Canada

Starky, Brute and Prince are the real MVPs of this story. These three dogs knew what to do when Meghan found herself in the middle of the woods at nightfall.

The night wasn’t a warm tropical night either. Meghan’s from the Frog Lake First Nation close to Edmonton, Canda. With near-freezing temperatures at night and the child under-dressed, her family and neighbors were understandably very worried.

A search party was quickly assembled of about 30-40 people between community members and the police. After a full night of fruitless searching, the police were preparing to order helicopter assistance from Edmonton when…

Meditation May

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It’s May.  Springtime or Autumn, depending on your GPS.
Either way, it’s May.

This May let’s Meditate.

I just moved from a big city to a small town. From cement and smog to fresh air, trees, lakes and a volcano. I just moved to Pucón, Chile.

Meditation May Pucón Chile Quick Me Ups Instagram QMU

My girlfriend and I at Lago Villarrica, Pucón, Chile. From QMU Instagram

That lake is literally a 5 minute walk from where I’m currently living.

I did it to change everything. I did it to get back to myself. I feel like the longer I spent in a city without much contact with nature, the farther away I got from my true self… from my “inner me”.

“If it’s not working, change everything.” Zak Reid

So I decided to make a big life change. Simplify my life and work to better myself. I thought – what better way than start with daily meditations?

Then I thought about you…
Have you ever meditated before?
Have you practiced consistently?
Have you done it enough to see the benefits?

Meditation is powerful.

The Time is Now

Posted by Zak Reid

It’s game time.

The perfect time doesn’t exist. It’s not out there waiting for you to find it. There isn’t an alarm that tells you when it’s time to make a change. It’s now.

The Time Is Now.

It’s now before more time passes.

Have you ever had something on your mind for a long time – and you finally do it – and the first thing you think is – man…. why didn’t I do this earlier?

I’ve had that feeling. I dislike that feeling. I don’t want to  live a life where I regret the past. A life where I look back and wish I’d had made a different decision.

I’d rather live a life with failed ventures… ideas tested that didn’t work… I mean I hope some of them work… but still, trying and failing is worlds better than a bunch of “I wish I would’ve tried that” memories and regrets.

If I’m going to make the change that I always wanted to make, when should I do it?

The answer is now.

Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. – Arnold Bennett

5 Benefits of Sweating It Out.

Posted by Zak Reid

Most of us have a daily routine. We wake up, do morning things, do work things, then return home to do a few nighttime things, then sleep. A lot of these things are sedentary – driving, sitting at a desk, then driving again, and now that you’re home and tired… some more sitting.

The problem with this routine is that our bodies were built to move. So here’s your reminder: whether your stressed, depressed, tired, or just bored… Sweat It Out!

Sweat it out 5 benefits to sweat it out sweating quick me ups

Photo by Mike Baird

Our bodies have natural systems built in to stimulate our brain as we exert energy. We weren’t built to sit around doing nothing… but that’s exactly what many of us do. And while many people have heard about the benefits of exercise, there are very real benefits of sweating!

“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” – Isak Dinesen

Here are a few benefits that sweating provides:

  1. Sweat Clears Out Toxins

    Sweat does a wonderful job at cleaning out our system. Sweating flushes out substances such as cholesterol, alcohol and salts. It’s a natural way that we can help clean out our system, to keep our body functioning at optimal levels. There is also research that shows that sweat can help eliminate trace-metals, and cells damaged by toxic chemicals.

       Read 4 more sweat-benefits below:

We Get One Life. [QMU]

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Have you ever played a video game?

Normally you get a few lives, say 3, maybe 10… but at some point, unless you beat the game, you end up on your last life. There’s always this sense of urgency…. I can’t die again, I’m on my last life! Because, as we all know, when you die on your last life, it’s GAME OVER.

That’s the weird thing about being a human, we’re born on our last life.

You may ask yourself, how is that reminder a Quick Me Up? Maybe that sounds more like a quick me down… but the thing is, the better and faster that we realize we only get one chance, the better we can live this one chance.

We Get One Life.

Taj Mahal, We have one life, Quick Me Ups

If your dream is to visit the Taj Mahal…. then go! Photo: Muhammad Mahdi Karim

I’m guilty. I let time pass by. I get into a rhythm, into a rut, and I just stay there. Maybe I make small changes or adjustments, but I don’t treat each day like the individual gift it is.

This life is an amazing, unique, powerful GIFT that you were given.

Are you ready to fully enjoy this gift?
This life is meant to be lived fully. The idea isn’t to make it to the end and say, “well at least I got a lot of sleep and was very safe, nothing crazy happened!”….

It reminds me of a great quote:

A New Microphone! [WhoAmI?]

Posted by Zak Reid

Hi all! I know I’ve been a bit slow with the updates lately, but things are moving behind the scenes. I’m working on Quick Me Ups T-shirts, layout for the new site…. and I just got a new microphone!

Also I’m still alive down here….

Quick Me Ups zakreid Snowboarding New Mic

Me at Portillo Ski Resort, Andes Mountains, Chile

As I mentioned in the first [WhoAmI?] – Hip Hop post, I love making music. I got a new microphone for making new music, as well as possible audio clips for QMU / spoken word, etc.

So I gave the new mic a test drive this weekend and will be working on new songs – many of which have conscious or inspirational themes such as change, being yourself, overcoming obstacles, etc.

Here’s the new work:

And I will be updating here when I release new, future projects.

Do you express yourself through art – music, painting, drawing, poetry, dance, etc.? Feel free to share in the comments, I would love to hear how you express yourself.

Hope you’re well!!

– Zak


Be a Better You [QMU]

Posted by Zak Reid

You’re awesome. You have a unique combination of qualities, shortcomings, interests, predispositions, quirks, and all sorts of things that make you… well, you. And that’s what’s so awesome about you, is that you’re so, uniquely you.

What are some of the things that you really enjoy about who you are? Maybe you feel the most like you when you’re drawing, walking down the street, meditating, doing yoga, or heck, debating social issues. When are you the most you?

Let’s identify what makes us the best version of ourselves, and grow that.

Be a Better You.

Vincent Lock, play guitar, be a better you via Quick Me Ups.

If you feel like YOU when you play guitar, then PLAY GUITAR! Photo: Vincent Lock

“Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Start Your Day with Positive Words [QMU]

Posted by Zak Reid

When your alarm goes off in the morning, it’s easy to say or think – “Nooo, I don’t want to get up”, “I wish I didn’t have to wake up right now”“I don’t want to go to school / work”. It can be a natural, involuntary action, but it can create our early-morning mental state, and this can go on to affect us for the rest of the day.

As soon as we start thinking and speaking negativity, it becomes real. We create a mental position of fighting against the current, of trying to stop or freeze time… which just doesn’t work.

So instead of fighting the current, let’s accept it, and try to enjoy the rapids, or at least navigate them to the best of our abilities. Let’s start our day off by thinking of the good parts, of the highlights. Let’s speak positivity so that it manifests instead of negativity.

Start Your Day with Positive Words.

Tree at Sunrise - Start Your Day with Positive Words - Quick Me Ups

Another sunrise, another opportunity. Photo: Public Domain Images

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

Let’s rise each morning with thoughts of:
– I’m going to make this a great day.
– Today I’m going to finish that project / task.
– Today I’m going to be healthy and go to the gym / eat well.
– After work I’m going to meet up with some friends, yes!
– I can do this.
– I’m not going to let problems bring me down.
– I will overcome any obstacle I face today.
– Today I’m going to smile.
– Today I will….

Inspirational Boy Receives New Set of Hands [NEWS]

Posted by Zak Reid

This is the story of an inspiring, 8 year old boy named Zion Harvey from Baltimore, Maryland. Equipped with an infectious smile and an older-than-he-is view of the world, Zion has already overcome a number of difficult challenges in his young life.


Zion never let a lack of hands hold him back. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

With an ever-present smile on his face he explains: “When I was 2, I had to get my hands cut off because I was sick”.

In reality, he suffered a sepsis infection, comprimising his life due to internal organ failure, and resulting in the amputation of his hands and feet.

At age 4 he received a kindey transplant from his mother, Pattie Ray, and was on his way to a healthier future, always with a smile.

Now, at age 8, Zion is making history as the first child recipient of a double hand transplant. He was reviewed for 18 months to assure he was a viable candidate, but even after in-depth analysis, results are never guaranteed. Zion’s reaction?

“When I get these hands, I will be proud of what hands I get, and if it gets messed up,” he continued, “I don’t care because I have my family.”

He truly has an infectious smile and winning attitude about life that many of us could learn from.

Before the surgery, Ray said: “[t]his is just another hurdle that he jumps. He jumps so many hurdles. He’s so amazing. This isn’t the first amazing thing that he’s done. He’s been doing amazing things since he’s been sick. I don’t know many adults that can handle half of his life on a day-to-day basis.”

As an 8 year old boy, there are many potentially exciting, new activities he will be able to take part in from the climbing monkey bars to walking a dog. But when asked what he’s most excited about doing with his new hands, he said: “pick up my little sister from daycare, and wait for her to run into my hands, and I pick her up, and spin her around.”

Zion Harvey Press Conference, via Quick Me Ups

Zion presents his new hands to the world. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

A team of 40 medical personnel, including doctors, nurses and anthesiologists, worked together on this revolutionary double transplant, well aware of the challenges and possible complications. But after more than 10 hours in the operating room, the head of the team, Dr. L. Scott Levin, emerged to tell Zion’s mother: “we have some good news for you. Your little guy has two hands.”

Zion isn’t completely in the clear yet, he will be taking a lifetime of immunosuppressant medication to avoid infection, and will be staying in the rehabilitation unit for the next few weeks to learn how to use his new hands.

That said, he’s already moving forward mentally and has told his mom that he and his sister want a new dog, which he is ready to take care of and walk everyday.

Now, what shouldn’t be forgotten when telling this story, is the role that a brave family played by donating the hands through the Gift of Life Donor Program. Another reminder that a loss of one life can help save or improve another.

During a press conference after the successful surgery, an emotional Zion spoked into the microphone and asked for his family members to stand up. He looked to them and said “I want to say to you guys, thank you for helping me through this bumpy road.”

A very grounded young boy with a bright future ahead of him, Zion is full of wisdom and optimism. He took a moment to summarize the importance of family, stating: “family means trust, hope, support, and if you fall down, they always catch you.”

His is truly a remarkable story, and one that we can all hope is repeated many times over. Children are our future, and this child now has a set of hands to help mold the world.

Zion Harvey: a reason to smile today. Let’s spread his story and all of the other positive things that are happening in the world right now. If you know of a story you think our readers would enjoy, please share it in the comments below.