Turning 30.

Posted by Zak Reid

We face new challenges everyday – some big and some small. When the big ones come, we have a choice: run, hide and get away, or stand tall, head high, chest out and to meet them head on.

To me, turning 30 always seemed so far away that I never thought twice about it. It was like a man-eating tiger that I know is out there, but poses no threat to me…. until 30 showed up on my doorstep. My first reaction was to ignore it, to not think about it, it’s just another birthday I would try and convince myself, really, it doesn’t matter. But the closer it got: 1 year, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month…. I could feel it, and I was forced to think about it, to acknowledge its existence. I was forced to think about “turning 30” and what it meant.

First, I reflected on my 20s – university, friends, parties, travelling, moving, starting my career path, changing it, changing it again… so many unknowns, so many questions: who am I, what do I like, what do I want, where do I go, what’s next?? I’m thankful for all of the questions and for experimentation: being in relationships and out of them, meditation, europe, desert, snow, moving cities, states and countries. But my 20s are done, I did them right, and now it’s time for the next step, the next chapter of my life.

I’m looking forward to growing my wealth, building a family, less fluxuations and a steadier path straight-ahead. As a 30 year old man I’m ready to invest in myself, to invest in what I learned in my 20s, and in my passions. One thing that has always stuck with me is how much I love to cultivate positivity and share it with others.

I’ve always planned to have a number of projects in the future, one of which would be to try and help lift up people all over the world. I am starting that project today. I love the feeling of positively impacting someone else’s life through listening to them, sharing a laugh, giving a hug, or even giving advice based on who they are and what they’ve told me. I love sharing a smile with a stranger in a supermarket, on the metro, or out on the street. But more than that, I love providing a new viewpoint that may help that person grow to be happier. We all have so much to offer, but unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to see it in ourselves. In this next decade of my life, I want to touch more lives providing a positive impact.

This blog is designed to be a quick lift to your busy life.  This is will actually be the longest message on here. I will post quotes, thoughts and insights intended to be digested quickly, give you a smile (inside or out), and give you that extra nudge to go out and be the best You possible. We’re all part of the same family, and as I turn 30, I’m making the conscious decision that I want to help lift this family as high as I can.

I feel that I was born with an extra portion of Positivity and Love and that this was for a reason.  I believe that reason is to share it with you.

– Zachary Kenneth Reid