Do 5 Small Acts of Kindness.

Posted by Zak Reid

You’re awesome.

And what’s even awesomer is making somebody else feel awesome.

So I challenge YOU…  I throw down the proverbial gauntlet and challenge you to a make-a-positive-impact challenge (it’s a working title haha).

It’s simple…

Do 5 Small Acts of Kindness Today.

Photo Wonderlane, Middle Way Cafe via Quick Me Ups, 5 Small Acts of Kindness

Genuinely smiling at a stranger can be a great Act of Kindness. Photo: Wonderlane

Quick Me Ups is all about positivity. It’s a place to find and share messages, news, quotes, art, pictures, anything that makes you smile. But it’s also about spreading positivity: building positive community, helping others directly, sharing good info with family and friends, volunteering, or even just holding the door open for the person behind you.

Each of us has our own world, our own story full of – people, places, events… triumphs, tragedies, and getting back up after falling down.

When we compliment or do a favor for someone, it directly impacts their world. Even small gestures such as smiling at someone, or sharing a kind word, can stay with them during their day.

A Singer & An Athlete Help Africa [NEWS]

Posted by Zak Reid

It’s easy to take things for granted… such as basic education and electricity. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, both of these things are luxuries that not everyone can afford. Recently two successful men have turned their eyes to Africa to help out…

Akon Lighting Africa

While this isn’t breaking news, we haven’t yet discussed it here at Quick Me Ups, and I think it’s absolutely worth taking a minute to touch on.

Approximately 600 million Africans don’t have access to electricity today. With no lights, it means that once the sun sets, many people retire to their homes and the day is over. Some families have kerosene lamps for inside of the home (which can be hazardous and expensive), many don’t.

Just take a moment to imagine your home and neighborhood being completely dark after 7 p.m. How would this affect you?

– It’s more dangerous to walk down those dark streets.
– Many stores close early.
– People have to travel to charge cell phones (if they have them).
– And what about the children…. many of them can’t even study at home for lack of light!

This isn’t a small problem, this is serious.

International R & B singer Akon, along with Thione Niang and Samba Bathily, decided to work to remedy this problem. Akon Lighting Africa installs solar powered solutions to help rural communites which previously lacked electricity, and trains young people in the process.

They install solar street lamps as well as solar panels for residential and businesses lighting – including hospitals – some of which had to previously operate by flashlight!

Akon Solar Academy - Akon Lighting Africa - via Quick Me Ups

Akon Lighting Africa has a Solar Academy designed to create engineers, technicians and entrepreneurs. (Photo: Akon Lighting Africa)

Another benefit of this solar power project is the training of young men and women in the installation and maintenance of these solar panels and lights. It’s also designed to create entrepreneurs – young men and women who can bring the technology back to their village and create a sustainable business. These young people are learning skilled work all while helping their communities.

Previously, many children weren’t able to study in their home, but now with the lights, they can do so. They can work towards a brighter future.

Akon Lighting Africa has installed solar panels in 14 countries, but this is just the beginning. Their goal is to light one million homes, and then work to get electricity to those 600 million Africans currently going without.

Click to learn more about Akon Lighting Africa.

Federer Builds a Pre-School in Malawi

Roger Federer Foundation in Malawi - via Quick Me Ups

Roger Federer visiting with the children of Malawi (Photo: RF Foundation)

The Roger Federer Foundation has a goal: to reach 1 million children.

The foundation is well on its way with 215,000 young lives already touched. Recently Federer, professional tennis player, travelled to Malawi for his first time in order to witness the impact the foundation is having:

[Federer] attended the launch of the Lundu Model Community Based Childcare Center and was able to enjoy time interacting with the children and community members in two other centers. The Roger Federer Foundation started the initiative 2011 together with its local partner Action Aid Malawi. Up to date the program includes 50 model centers and 160 smaller satellite centers in six districts of the country, reaching out to a total of 34,000 children. – RF Foundation

In a video recently uploaded to Youtube (below) you can see how full of life these young children are, and how dedicated the teaching staff is.

I personally believe that early education is one of the most important determining factors in the growth and development of an individual. I was personally blessed to attend an amazing school (Evergreen Elementary School in Eugene, Oregon, USA) and am forever thankful for that opportunity as it sparked a curiosity in math and reading that has stayed with me throughout my life.

Roger on his trip to Malawi:

I think this is a great program that has helped, is helping, and will continue to help the future of Africa… one country, and one child, at a time.

Click to learn more about the Roger Federer Foundation.

There you have it – two young men who have been successful in their careers – using their influence to help people in less fortunate situations. While I love to see stories of ‘everyday citizens’ helping one another, it’s also refreshing to see financially successful people use their money for good causes.

I appreciate what Federer and Akon are doing to help the less fortunate. I also appreciate every time a person holds a door open for another. This world needs all the good it can get, be it small or large. So let’s spread these stories and make our own.

Have a great day!

If You're Feeling Small… [QUOTE]

Posted by Zak Reid
Milky Way Galaxy ForestWander - Quick Me Ups - Cosmos - You're Bigger than you Think

Milky Way Galaxy Stars, Photo: ForestWander

“There’s as many atoms in a single molecule of your DNA as there are stars in the typical galaxy. We are, each of us, a little universe.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson, Cosmos

Sometimes we may feel small – physically, financially, socially, spiritually. This can happen easily if we start comparing ourselves to those we see at work, on Facebook, on TV… so let’s not do that.

In reality there’s a whole GALAXY worth of atoms in each tiny molecule of your DNA. You’re a space giant! Millions upon millions of tiny moving parts work together to ensure your existence. It’s honestly amazing how complex the process is and how well it works (you’re reading this right now aren’t you?).

So any time you feel small just remember all those tiny atoms and molecules inside of you working non-stop just so you can BE.

Have a great day you space giant you!

Take a Positive Step Today.

Posted by Zak Reid

There are many ways you can try to describe this life we have, this journey we all share… life is a long road, a marathon, or life is like climbing a mountain. Each of these metaphors paints a picture of a long, difficult, yet rewarding adventure comprised of many, many steps.

While each step is small, maybe a meter, each one is vitally important to the journey. Today I may not make a life-changing breakthrough, but what I can do is take a couple good steps closer to that goal.

Instead of taking a poor step, or no step at all, let’s make the decision to…

Take a Positive Step Today.

Cordillera Huayhuash Alpine Circuit, Peru, Quick Me Ups Take a Positive Step

Mountains are climbed on step at a time. Photo: Jeremyfrimer

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

I personally enjoy thinking about life as climbing a mountain. There are steep ascents, difficult valleys, unexpected storms, plateaus, and there are breathtaking peaks. The moment of arriving at the top of the peak always seems to overshadow the pain it took to get there.

Standing on the peak you don’t think a whole lot about your 4,732nd step as you were climbing up, but it was just as important as the one before, and the one after it.

All it takes is one bad step to twist an ankle or slip and fall. One bad step can set us back quite a bit, that’s why each one is so important.

It can be easy to get caught in a routine, a rhythm, and start to take more mindless steps. Just going through the motions. Those are dangerous times and when it’s easy to slip and fall.

We’re at our best when we’re present with each step – when we’re conscious of where we’re stepping.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier

So what can you do today to further you on your path? If you’re working on a project, what can you get it finished this week? Exercise – make yourself show up at the gym this week. Art –  write, draw or build something today. Health – make good food decisions throughout the day and night.

These things don’t have to be big, just showing up and putting in the effort is a game changer. Work on one idea. Make a plan. Take a step.

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh

So let’s take a good step today. Let’s think about our day and the week, what we want to do, and how we can help today. Let’s be conscious today and do something to help ourselves. It doesn’t need to be a gigantic leap, just take a breath, lean forward and…

Take a Positive Step.

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Believe in Yourself.

Posted by Zak Reid

Do you believe in…. you?

When you undertake a new, challenging task, do you feel that you’ll accomplish it, or are you overwhelmed with doubts and questions?

Self belief is a very important part of everything we do, whether we realize it or not. Our self confidence can be seen in the way we walk, communicate, work and play.

I recently watched a video about the importance of self confidence and was presented a very thought-provoking scenario from Jaret Grossman, summarized as follows:

Imagine that you open your eyes and you’re in a hospital. The doctor tells you that you’ve been in a coma for a number of days. You then realize that you can’t recall your past, you don’t even remember who you are…

Now, how would you conduct yourself if the doctor informs you that you’re an elite Navy Seal and that they want you back as soon as possible? How do you think it would affect your rehabilitation and overcoming that challenge? How would you carry yourself differently?

What if the doctor tells you that you’re a pianist? Or how about a renowned actor? If you believed that you were a very accomplished and talented actor – it would dictate the way you spoke, carried yourself and acted in front of the camera. 

This scenario interests me because we’re not discussing making a physical change in your life, simply modifying what you believe. Even more interesting is that we are in control of this process, we decide what we believe – we are in control of how we see ourselves.

Believe in Yourself.

There’s a famous saying – fake it until you make it.

This saying encourages that you outwardly show confidence in a new situation, conducting yourself in a manner that a successful, experienced person would, until that outward confidence is internalized. This saying can apply to the first day on a new job, writing your first book, or walking into a networking event when you don’t know anybody…

In this situation, arriving to the event, you may feel anxious and uncertain, but instead of letting that take over – in which case you may end up standing in the corner with your hands in your pockets, speaking with nobody – you flip a switch to exude confidence. You imagine this is your 1,000th event and you “know” that by the end of the night you’ll have made a few very valuable contacts.

Each interaction now has a purpose. You’re an expert here, and each person you speak with is better-off for it. You change from a feeling of: I’m sorry to bother you but can I please have a moment of your precious time – to –  my time is very valuable and I’m choosing to spend it with you. This subtle change is reflected in your tone of speech, your strength of gaze and body posture. People can sense desperation and anxiety just as they can sense confidence and ease.

“To be a champ you have to believe in yourself when no one else will.” – Sugar Ray Robinson

Ok, ok, so that’s probably enough imagining for today. I just wanted to take us outside of our bodies for a moment, imagining how a self confident version of ourselves looks very different than a self conscious version. It starts in our mind and reflects outwardly in a million subtle manners.

Everyone has their moments of doubt, even the most successful people, but the difference is they leave that space quickly. Other people decide to dwell on these insecurities and doubts, and they end up living there. Most of us are probably some combination of these two extremes.

Let’s work to be the most self-believing version of ourselves that we can.

If we want to be successful, and have other people believe in us, then it makes sense that we need to be the first to believe. Why would I expect you to believe in me, if I can’t even find that belief in myself?

“I know where I’m going and I know the truth, and I don’t have to be what you want me to be. I’m free to be what I want.” – Muhammad Ali

There is science behind what I’m saying. One case that illustrates how important self belief is: girls in mathematics / science. While the origin of the problem can be debated, the fact is many girls aren’t as confident with math / science as they are with other subjects, or in compariston to boys, and this is unfortunately represented in test scores:

Girls “lack self-confidence” in their ability to solve mathematics and science problems and achieve worse results than they otherwise would, despite outperforming boys overall, according to an international study of gender equality in schools by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

[…]British boys outperformed girls in science exercises by 20 percentage points – but the gap disappeared when the performances were adjusted for levels of self-confidence. In other words: girls who said they were good at science performed as well as boys with the same attitude, while girls and boys lacking in self-confidence achieved results that were similar to each other.– From The Guardian.

In the study, it concluded that girls worry more about the difficulty of their math classes (girls 56% vs. boys 39%), were more nervous while doing math problems (girls 33% vs. boys 20%) and were more worried about receiving poor grades in math courses (girls 66% vs. boys 49%).

Ok, so now that we’ve decided that self belief is important, and can tangibly impact our lives, what can we d0?

One of the first steps is to Compliment Yourself. Many of us use an internal voice that isn’t very kind. We may tell ourselves “there’s no way I can do this, I’m going to fail” whereas if we saw a friend in that same situation, we’d be more likely to say “you can do it! keep going!”

One strategy to help improve your self-language, interestingly, can be to talk to yourself in the 2nd or 3rd person during difficult moments. A number of successful athletes and entertainers sometimes refer to themselves in the 3rd person, creating a small disconnect from the situation, allowing a more objective view.

Psychologist Ethan Kross, of the University of Michigan, studied this difference in self speech. He placed volunteers in a difficult situation (5 minutes to prepare a speech), instructing some to speak strictly with “I” and the other group with “you” or using their name:

Kross says that people who used “I” had a mental monologue that sounded something like, ” ‘Oh, my god, how am I going do this? I can’t prepare a speech in five minutes without notes. It takes days for me to prepare a speech!’ ”

People who used their own names, on the other hand, were more likely to give themselves support and advice, saying things like, “Ethan, you can do this. You’ve given a ton of speeches before.” These people sounded more rational, and less emotional — perhaps because they were able to get some distance from themselves.[…]

Being an “outsider” in this way has real benefits: […] with some distance, it’s a lot easier to be kinder to that ‘other’ person. – From

The fact is many of us are too hard on ourselves, and that this can diminish self belief and confidence. So when those negative thoughts come up, let’s squash them like a bug and replace them with positive thoughts.

Another factor is to remember to Be Patient with YourselfUnderstand that we all make mistakes and that it’s ok. It’s time for us all to realize that we’re powerful, special and unique…. we need to believe it!

Tell yourself you’re amazing and believe it. Fixate on your successes more than your failures… Celebrate Small Victories.

You can do this. I believe in you… now you just need to believe in yourself!

“If you believe you can make a difference, then you will make a difference. Believe in yourself, your family and your community and you will win.” – Lindsay Fox

So there you have it: a bit of imagination and science today. 
Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe you can reach your dreams?
How could an increased sense of self belief help you achieve your goals?
Is your inner voice critical or uplifting?
Please share your experiences in the comments below.

Believe in Yourself.

Don't Give Up.

Posted by Zak Reid

Dear Reader,
I burned out. I hit a wall. I almost quit.

Before starting Quick Me Ups, I investigated and learned that a majority of bloggers quit within the first 3-4 months. These writers set unrealistic expectations, think they’ll quickly make money from their site, and when this doesn’t occur, they quit.

I set about it differently: I decided I would write between 100 – 150 posts in my first year, build a readership, and then start working towards generating an income from QMU. The idea was to eventually transition into leaving full-time work to do something more personal and positive.

So I wrote and I wrote, I promoted and promoted, and at the end of year one I had written about 120 articles. This was great…. but I had run out of gas. My readership had grown somewhat, but definitely not to the levels I had anticipated, and I was exhausted from burning the candle at both ends.

So I took a little break. And that little break became longer and longer. When I felt I needed to write I would think “not right now, but I’ll do it soon”. But “soon” never came…. and months passed….

I had visions of major changes to the site, investing personal money, and many more man hours, but it all felt a bit futile. After all, you could build the most amazing theme park on Earth, Disney World times 100, but if there are no kids on the rides, why did you build it?

Now here we are. I’ve written only a handful of articles in 2015 and my site loses more mometum with each passing day as it sits quietly. But this week I signed in for the first time in a long time and received a notification: “Aden Ng and 52 others liked your post: Everyone Has Their Own Truth.”  (Thanks Aden!) Many of my posts get a few comments and maybe 5 – 15 “Likes”…. but this post had resonated with 50+ people. It’s a post about accepting others, withholding judgement, and living in harmony with everyone…

It’s something I truly believe in and something I think more people need to be saying. It reminded me of what Quick Me Ups is about. Seeing that message reminded me that people out there are looking for positivity.

There’s another reason I was inspired: the Chilean Men’s National Team just won the Copa America – the most prestigous futbol (soccer) tournament of the Americas. Chile had participated since the tournament started but had never won, until Saturday, July 4th, in the Cup’s 99th edition! The scrappy underdog had finally pulled it off, and it was so euphoria-inducing that many of us shed a tear.

To read about how important this match was for Chile, read my ode here.

After we won, thousands flocked to the city center to celebrate, and as I stood there chanting, singing and shouting, I just felt like anything was possible.

CA447. SANTIAGO DE CHILE (CHILE), 04/07/2015.- El delantero chileno Alexis Sánchez con el trofeo que les acredita vencedores de la Copa América de Chile 2015, tras la final disputada frente a Argentina en el Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos de Santiago de Chile, Chile, hoy 4 de julio de 2015. EFE/Kiko Huesca

Alexis Sanchez & the Chilean Team hoist la Copa America for the 1st time in history! Photo: Kiko Huesca


We all flocked to the center of the city to celebrate in Plaza Italia. Photo: LaTercera


Watching the game at home, our lucky viewing place decked out for Chile!!

And then on Sunday, July 5th, the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) won the Women’s World Cup!

Jul 5, 2015; Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN; Players from the United States pose after receiving the FIFA Women's World Cup trophy in the final of the FIFA 2015 Women's World Cup at BC Place Stadium. The United States defeated Japan 5-2. Mandatory Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

US Women’s National Team celebrates winning the 2015 Women’s World Cup! Photo: Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports


Watching two teams overcome the odds and soul crushing defeats – Chilean men in the 2014 World Cup vs. Brazil, USWNT in 2011 finals vs. Japan – really can be an inspiration.

I’ve also decided to live an especially healthy July, working out more, and limiting the toxins that enter my body. All of this combined with a few timely emails asking about Quick Me Ups (thanks Greg!) …… has me inspired and MOTIVATED to see this through.

This next step in the evolution of QMU will require more work than simply writing articles… which is why it fell by the wayside. But I Refuse to Give Up!

All this is a roundabout way to say that QMU is still alive – and is a reminder – Don’t Give Up on your Dreams and Ideas! Is there something that’s been floating around in your mind or your heart that you’ve let grow stagnant? Take a small step today.

Is there a time you almost gave up, but decided to keep going? Right now is there something that you could do to keep a dream alive? Please feel free to share below, I would love to hear your stories.

Quick Me Ups is back on and will soon be better than ever.

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, never give up then, for that is just the time that the tide will turn.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe, Writer and Abolitionist

Don’t Give Up!

The Sun Rose Today.

Posted by Zak Reid

It happened again.
At approximately the same time as yesterday, the sun rose.

[Well, in reality, the Earth rotated into position to allow direct reception of sun rays, but that’s beside the point.]

The sun appeared and indicated a new day has started.
Just as the day starts anew, so too can we. And it’s all because….

The Sun Rose Today.

Sunrise Over Central Park by Conor Campbell via Quick Me Ups - The Sun Rose Today

The Sun Rising over New York City. Photo: Conor Campbell

Now depending where you live, you may or may not have been able to see the sun this morning. But even shrouded in clouds, it’s still there, providing rays of energy to illuminate your day.

In the southern hemisphere, we’re heading into winter, with the sun rising a minute later every few days. Right now it’s around 8:25 AM. This means that in the past month, it’s either risen, or been rising as I drive to work.

What a wonderful reminder the sunrise is. Especially when camping. You can hear the birds sing their song as they welcome a new day. There are many things I can do better than a bird – run, drive, drink a glass of water – but when it comes to living in the present…. the birds have me beat.

Do you think that as the sun rises, the birds are dwelling on yesterday?
About how they ALMOST caught that bug but it got away?
About that other bird that has a bigger nest?
About the bird with nice spots on it’s wings?

“What is the good of your stars and trees, your sunrise and the wind, if they do not enter into our daily lives?” – E. M. Forster

Out in the forest when the sun rises, it’s a new day, a new start. Another mission to collect food is under way. Maybe today a nest will be worked on or a mate will be sought. But either way: today is today, it isn’t yesterday and it isn’t tomorrow, that’s what the sunrise reminds us.

So embrace the day!
Live in it, take advantage of it, and enjoy it.

Why be happy today?….

Because The Sun Rose Today.

It's Not that Important!

Posted by Zak Reid

Just a friendly reminder today – don’t sweat the little stuff. Life is a little like Google maps, if you get lost in the tiny details, ZOOM OUT. This world is gigantic and full of opportunities, so the next time we get stressed about the small stuff, we just need to remember to keep things in perspective. Have a lovely day and don’t forget that the small stuff is unimportant in the big picture!

Do What Makes You Happy.

Posted by Zak Reid

Hey you: what makes you happy?

Think back to some of your fondest memories, what’s special about those moments? Why do you remember them, why were you happy then?

Each of us could list a million reasons as to why we don’t dedicate enough time to the situations and activities that make us truly content, but let’s focus on the reasons that we should make time for what makes us happy.

Let’s do that – make time, and then do it.

Do What Makes You Happy.

Phil Kessel from the Toronto Maple Leafs smiles for the camera.

If Hockey makes you happy, do that! Here Phil Kessel smiles for the camera. Photo: Tim Alamenciak

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

I think we do a great job at making things more complicated than they should be. We worry, over-think, and sometimes veer off of the path. Myself included. But I think one important thing to remember is to make time for those activities that bring us joy.

What brings you joy?

I’ve been inspired recently as my girlfriend has been pursuing her passion for cooking. It’s been amazing to watch… and taste! haha I can’t lie about the benefit my taste buds have received…

She has a great sense of flavors and ingredients and has grown her ability to experiment and invent new dishes. It’s contagious to watch someone who’s motivated, smiling and inspired.

photo 2

She quickly whipped up this Apple Merengue Pie with homemade crust. Tastes as good as it looks!

At the end of 2014 I sprained my knee and recently within the last few weeks have been able to exercise fully. I’ve been back on my skateboard and just the sensation of rolling around brings me happiness. It has brought me joy since I first started, and it continues to do so.

I was watching an awesome, brief, biographical video about the start of one of the best professional skateboarder’s on Earth – Ishod Wair. It tells the story of how Ishod started skating and how he got to where his is now: A mix of natural ability and a supportive mother who allowed him to pursue what made him content.

At one point during the video, Ishod’s mom says:

“I believe it’s my duty as a parent to find their gifts and cultivate that. I think you should let your kids tell you what they want to do. I asked him, ‘do you want to play basketball in highschool?’ ‘No, I wanna skate!’ “

And that’s exactly what happened. She supported her son’s hobby and let him pursue his happiness. She eventually travelled with him to a national contest, where he placed well, met some companies, and was eventually sponsored by Nike. Since then he has rocketed to the top of the skate world, and was 2013’s “Skater of the Year”.

He pursued what made him happy, his mother fully supported him, and the became extremely successful. While we may not all become #1 in our chosen field, we can all be happy.

Sometimes I forget… I forget to make an effort to exercise / write / write music. When I get away from these things, my happiness can decrease. It’s important that I remember to do what makes me happy.

It’s important for all of us.
So… what makes you happy? Have you done that recently?

Let’s try to remember that. Let’s not get lost in routine, errands, and work. Let’s make sure we take time out to do what brings us joy.

“You’re here to live, you’re not here to sit on the couch and be worried about stuff. GO DO IT!” – Jason Homoki, father of successful, professional skateboarder Aaron “Jaws” Homoki

Do What Makes You Happy.

Great Morning!

Posted by Zak Reid

Hello and good morning.
Smile. It’s a new day and you’re awesome!

Mornings can be tough for all of us, but if we consciously work to create a positive start to our day, we can do it.

So try your hardest today to enjoy your morning.
Don’t worry about the afternoon or evening, just start your day right.
Let’s build positive momentum this morning.

Let’s Go!

Great Morning!!

Meadow morning sunrise - Have a great day!

Have a Great Morning!! Photo: Michael Schwarzenberger

Today is a quick one – to remind / wish you a happy morning.

“First thing every morning before you arise say out loud, ‘I believe,’ three times.” – Ovid

Many things are a chain reaction…
Sometimes Quick Me Ups turn into Long Me Ups. 
Then I start feeling that I need to write longer articles.
Then, when I don’t have time to pen a longer article, I don’t write.
Therefore, I’m going to prefer more frequent short articles over sporadic longer pieces.
When the long ones want to sneak in, they will.
By creating the habit of frequent posting, I will re-build positive momentum….

Just as a good morning can catapult us to a great rest of our day.

“Enthusiasm is the energy and force that builds literal momentum of the human soul and mind.”  — Bryant McGill

So let’s build momentum this morning.
In the past we even discussed creating positive mornings each day to build a great week in 5 good mornings.

Personally: getting sufficient sleep, waking up 15 minutes earlier to avoid morning rush & stress, eating a good breakfast, listening to music, and having a clear objective for the first hour of my morning in the office, help me build a great start to my day.

“We are still masters of our fate.  We are still captains of our souls.”  — Winston Churchill

So choose your fate, build your day, and have a Great Morning!

Share with us…
How do you start your day? 

How do you create a great morning?