Enjoy Where You Are.

Posted by Zak Reid

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about dreams, goals, the future, and aspiring for more. It’s important for us to constantly be reaching, to force ourselves out of our comfort zone to achieve higher heights…

But one downside to always dreaming and reaching is that we can forget what we have. We can get so fixated on the distant stars we reach for, that we forget to enjoy the dirt that we stand upon.

Today’s reminder is simple – Enjoy Where You Are.

John Oxley Library State Library of Queensland, Public Domain

Sir John Beals Chandler (Lord Mayor of Brisbane 1940-52) & Lady Chandler at home, 1952. Enjoying the moment. Photo: John Oxley Library

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.” – Audrey Hepburn

Life is difficult. We all have moments of frustration, and although they are uncomfortable and unpleasant, they serve a purpose: to force us to seek a ‘better’ future. But I think most people would also agree that there are good moments in our current situation.

Let’s try to enjoy  those moments, however small or large they may be. When you get home, tired after a long day, and you’re greeted by your dog / child / spouse / silent home, instead of rushing through that moment in your accelerated state, take it in and enjoy it.

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” – Charles Spurgeon

Let’s be thankful for those moments. Let’s smile, let’s enjoy those small treasures that we encounter in our days. Let’s be grateful…

Be thankful for those in your life. Be thankful for the opportunities you’ve had[…] You have come a long ways since birth and there is still much more to accomplish, but pausing on the path, and saying thanks for all that has come, all that is, and all that will be, is a great way to renew your sense of purpose. – Zachary Reid, QMU : Be Thankful.

So let’s focus on that today. When you have a pleasant moment, have fun with it and live in that moment. Don’t rush to the next activity, or lessen that moment by being lost in your thoughts. Enjoy what you have, who you are, and where you are.

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” – Marcus Aurelius

Enjoy Where You Are. 

Dream Big then Make it Happen.

Posted by Zak Reid

Change and uncertainty can be very intimidating. It’s easy to continue doing the same thing daily, and hope it all works out in the end.

But what if 10 years go by, and you’re still in the same position?
What if 50 years fly by, and you haven’t moved?

If you’re working in your dream job, maybe that’s no problem. But for the billions of people not currently living their dream, that can be a very startling realization.

If I don’t make my dreams and wishes happen, they may never come to pass.

Dream Big then Make it Happen.

Sunlight bursting through clouds to give life to the earth.

Each day is a gift, let’s take advantage of each one. Photo: Public Domain

“If nobody doubts your dream, it’s not ambitious enough.” – Zachary Reid

Some people have a dream as a child, and that dream stays basically unchanged for their life. These are the people that know they want to be a doctor, a fireman, or professional piano player at a young age, and they follow that path until it’s completion.

Then there are those that have a number of ideas, which change over time. These people may live their entire life without being able to clearly define their Dream – what it is that they truly want in this life.

There are also those in between: those that have evolving ideas and aspirations but eventually define a clear dream. Some of these people actively pursue their dream, while others let it pass. There are many reasons not to pursue an ambitious dream including security, financial obligations, and fear of failure.

Which one are you?
Can you define your dream?
Are you pursuing it?

Today’s message is to allow yourself to Dream, and then to take actionable steps to achieve this dream.

Our work lives are spinning out of control. We spend the majority of our day working in an office trying to make enough money so we can pay the bills and debt we’ve accrued. This cycle lasts the majority of most peoples’ lives.

In some cases, people even work themselves so hard that they pass away. In Japan this isn’t uncommon and even has a term – Karōshi – which essentially translates to “Death by Overwork”. I personally know a number of people that have fallen ill due to work stress. Let’s not be one of those cases.

I’ve always been a dreamer, but I believed that if I worked as hard as I can, things would eventually “pan out”. As I’ve aged, witnessed people die prematurely, realized that this life isn’t guaranteed, and even sensed my own soul reacting negatively to spending every day in an artificially lit office… I’ve had an epiphany: IT’S TIME TO ACTIVELY PURSUE MY OWN DREAM. 

I recently wrote that Quick Me Ups 2.0 is in the Works.
Well, that’s come and gone, I think it’s more fair to say that Quick Me Ups 3.0 is now in the works. I’ve decided to follow my own advice to DREAM large, and pursue it.

I would rather try my hardest and fail, than fail myself by following the ‘safe road’ due to fear.

I’m currently working on a Kickstarter / CrowdFunding campaign and will be giving it my all. I was born to make real, measurable, positive changes on this earth and my inner-me has finally shouted: “THE TIME IS NOW!”

I’m busy meeting with supporters, defining actionables and sustainability, targeting non-profit foundations I would like to support, and creating a team to help make a beautiful presentation video to help build momentum.

I’m going all in.

As I step into this next phase in life I will be sharing my journey with all of you. I’m building the business plan, and when it’s polished and ready, will be launching my campaign. What started as a little blog trying to motivate and inspire, is ready to grow into a movement that helps us live happier lives, conserve nature, and educate future generations.

It’s time.

How about you?
What’s your dream?
Are you going for it, and if not now, when?

I believe in you.
I believe in me.
I believe in us.

Let’s Dream Big and Make it Happen.

How Are You?

Posted by Zak Reid

Joey Schrichte from Road to a 100 shares his thoughts with us:

What is one of the most common question that two people ask when they see each other or talk on the phone?

How are you?

A hug and a how are you is a normal greeting between close friends and family

After a hug or handshake, we like to ask ‘how are you?’. Photo: Tyler McCulloch

Each person is genuinely interested in how things are going for the other.

This is the perfect chance for either person to open up, be honest and express themselves with a friend or relative. When you share how you are feeling, don’t you feel better all of the sudden? Especially when you are engaged in conversation with someone very close to you.

But while we do this with everyone around us, I believe we often forget to ask this to the person that knows us better than anyone else, ourselves.

I think by asking ourselves this everyday we could see positive changes that would make a huge impact on our livelihood.

And this wouldn’t even take more than a few minutes a day.

A good idea would be to take out a small piece of paper, or use a computer or phone, and have a conversation with yourself.

First, simply ask and write down “how are you?”

Answer this honestly. You are talking with yourself and there should be no reason to put up any walls in this relationship.

Are you feeling tired, sad, happy, anxious, thrilled, calm, motivated? Whatever it is you feel, write it down.

I think by doing this and allowing the open conversation within ourselves, we will feel relief if we are on the negative side of the emotional spectrum or more joyful if we are leaning on the positive side of the spectrum.

And now ask, why?

Don’t take more than a few seconds thinking about this.

By identifying what is making us feel down, we can easily take the steps to turn our day around and feel better. On the other side of things we can see what is making us so happy and maybe focus on those things more often.

The other day I was impatiently waiting for a friend to text message me in response to what I sent. Time seemed to be going half speed and I was so anxious that I just couldn’t do anything else. I was constantly checking my phone.

I decided to sit down and write out how I was feeling and why I felt that way.

Immediately I put my mind at ease and went about my evening in a more carefree way. I noticed that I felt so much better just by taking the time to ask myself how I was feeling.

Our relationship with ourselves is the most important one because we are who we spend the most time with and we are the ones in charge of how we ultimately feel.

There is the common phrase that we are our own worst enemies, but I think with this simple exercise we will begin to be our own best friend, as we truly are.

Make time for you.

– Joey Schrichte 

See more Quick Me Ups from Joey here.

So how are you? Personally, I’m preparing for some major life changes so I’ve been busy, as well as a bit stressed and anxious. But this will pass as these changes manifest.

I can’t wait. QMU will be getting a lot more energy and attention in April, and it’s about time!  I hope this message finds you well!!

How are you?

My 10 Year Manifesto.

Posted by Zak Reid

What will 10 years from right now look like?

What do you want it to look like?

Really think about it. I’ll wait…



noun (pl) -tos, -toes

1.  a public declaration of intent, policy, aims, etc, as issued by a political party, government, or movement.

I thought about it too – all the different paths my life could take. In 2005 I was 21 years old, recently allowed to enter bars and attending university in Tempe, Arizona. 10 years later I’m living with my beautiful Chilean girlfriend in our apartment in Santiago. Where I’ll be in 10 years could be another jump just as big… or even bigger.

If I could choose my ideal 10-year-from-now life, what would it look like?

Emerald Lake Colorado Photo by Ele Radoslovich, PixaBay

Emerald Lake, Colorado. In 10 years I may be sitting here. Photo: Ele Radoslovich

My 10 Year Manifesto:
by Zachary Reid

In 2025 I will be 41 years old. I will be a father, a husband. I will purchase a home close to nature – whether that be close to the ocean in California, next to the trees in Southern Chile, or among the mountains in Colorado – I will live an area with fresh air.

I will have multiple sources of income. Every day will be different. Some days I will write, some days I will explore, some days I will speak. Everyday I’ll be creating as many positive interactions as possible. I will be talking to many people and trying to give them a positive jolt in the right direction. I will be helping many people.

My wife will be happy. She’ll have her personal projects and we’ll spend time together. We’ll support each other’s ventures.

I will have multiple web sites.

I will volunteer to help those that need it.

I can see myself in 10 years: happy, proud, creative, hard-working, and holding my family above all else.

This is what I see.

I believe that the more clearly that I see this vision, this path, the more it becomes my reality.

Things may change – a curveball may appear… an amazing swing-for-the-fences type of opportunity that I must be ready for. A good sports match is decided by a few crucial, impact plays and important moments. Momentum, positivity and togetherness make these moments more likely.

If I have to dive to catch the ball…. I’m going to dive.

This is my manifesto, and now it is time to manifest it.

What is your manifesto?
What are some elements of your vision?
Where will you be in 10 years? Where do you want to be?
Can you see it??

Good News Friday VIII

Posted by Zak Reid

It’s time for Good News Friday!

Marathon Runner Refuses to Quit, Finishes 3rd


Kenyan marathon runner Hyvon Ngetich recently made headlines. She didn’t win the 2015 Austin Marathon, but she inspired many people with the way she finished. After leading for most of the race, Ngetich collapsed less than 500 feet (152 m.) from the finish line.

Instead of quitting, or accepting a ride in the wheelchair the organizers brought on the course, she crawled the remaining distance and finished 3rd. In the short video showing her final minutes crawling, it’s clear that she was completely and utterly exhausted. Afterwards she revealed that she doesn’t remember the final 2 Km. nor crossing the finish line.

Here’s a short clip of Ngetich crawling to the finish:

After the race Ngetich told a local news station:

“Running, always, you have to keep going, going.”

She certainly followed her own advice.

Oldest Man in Australia Knits Sweaters for Penguins

Alfie Knits Sweaters

108 year old Alfred ‘Alf’ Date found himself with free time last year after moving into a elderly-care village. But instead of sitting idle, he wanted to put his hands to work. So when he heard the call from the Phillip Island’s Penguin Foundation for knitters around the world to donate sweaters for oil-spill-affected penguins, he called upon the knitting skills he learned in the 1930s, and got to work.

Sweaters greatly improve a penguin’s chance to survive:

Sweaters are vital in the rescue of penguins affected by oil spills. A patch of oil the size of a thumbnail can cause their feathers separate and get matted together, allowing the cold to reach their otherwise protected skin. Penguins who are covered with oil will instinctively try and clean themselves by picking at their feathers with their beaks, this causes them to ingest oil which can damage their digestive system. Placing sweaters on rescued penguins prevents them from ingesting any oil while preening and keeps them nice and warm. – One Green Planet

Plus, who doesn’t love a penguin in a sweater?

Alfies Penguins

Alf, now 109 years old, continues to knit for animals and friends in 2015. He keeps his hands busy, and keeps making a difference.

Teen Invents Sensor to Help Alzheimer’s Patients

kenneth shinozuka

15-year-old Kenneth Shinozuka had a problem – his grandfather kept getting lost. With the onset of Alzheimer’s his grandfather began to leave his bed and begin wandering at night. In one instance police found him wandering on the freeway 2 miles from his home!

In order to prevent this from happening, Shinozuka invented a system which sends an alert to a smart phone when the patient stands up. In order to accomplish this:

[H]e created a super-thin film sensor printed with pressure-sensitive, electrically conductive ink and a coin-sized wireless circuit that can either be embedded in a sock or attached to a foot or shoe. When a patient steps out of bed, pressure causes the system to send an alert to an app that Shinozuka also designed and coded. – Business Insider

After creating this system, Shinozuka and his family gave the device a six-month trial run. During the test phase Shinozuka’s system detected 100% of the 437 known times his grandfather wandered, without any false alarms.

Shinozuka’s invention can truly make a difference and help those that need it. Because of his inventive solution to a serious problem, he was recognized by Google and made it into the final round of the Google Science Fair. After the votes came in…

Congratulations to Kenneth Shinozuka, 15, winner of the third annual $50,000 Scientific American Science in Action Award, powered by the Google Science Fair, for his project “Wearable Sensors: A Novel Healthcare Solution for the Aging Society.” Inspired to help his family care for his grandfather, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, Kenneth’s super-slim sensors, attached to a foot or in a sock, can alert caregivers via their smart phone if a patient begins to wander. – Scientific American

It’s great to see young minds innovating and working to make a better world.

It’s also great to hear about the positive and motivating stories that happen every day. Please help spread the good news, together we can create a better environment for everyone.

Good News Friday VIII.

QMU 2.0 In the Works

Posted by Zak Reid

Hello friends, family, first timers and repeat visitors.

Firstly, I apologize for the lack of recent updates. Six months ago there were 3 new articles weekly… as of late, one post has been the norm. But not to fear, changes and advances are coming soon!

QMU 2.0 is in the Works!

Clouds over the Atlantic Ocean, Inspiration for Quick Me Ups

The Ocean: always changing, ever the same. Photo: Tiago Fioreze

Firstly, I’m planning a design overhaul. As is, it’s difficult to see past posts. But Quick Me Ups is all about remembering – to be thankful, to be present, to smile, to take help others – so a post written 6 months ago may be very relevant for you today. I want to QMU to remind us of those lessons.

I’m also contacting authors and inviting them to submit articles for the site. I see QMU’s future as a community. I’m looking for ways to make it easier for you to comment and participate. This sometimes awesome, sometimes very difficult journey known as life can be easier and more enjoyable, if we can share the adventure with others.

People from all over the world come here to read. People from North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa. And it seems like no matter where we’re from, we all have many things in common. I feel that. I want you to feel that too.

So while the next few weeks may be a little slow, prepare yourself, big, awesome things are coming in Quick Me Ups 2.0.

I Need Your Help – There are quite a number of people subscribed to read this blog in their WordPress.com Reader. When I move my site, you may lose your subscription. In order to avoid this, please scroll to the bottom of the page, and input your email in order to stay connected. QMU will never spam you. We’re just here to help you have the best day possible… each day.

ALSO – if you would like to submit anything to Quick Me Upssend me an email with “QMU” or “Quick Me Ups” in the subject line.

I am setting up the official QMU email account, but for now, that’s my personal contact. It could be an article, an insight, a photo you took, an offer to help with graphic / web design, a poem, a link to a heartwarming story, or anything else you can think of.

I would LOVE to hear from you! If you’re a published author, own a blog, or someone with no writing experience, I would love to hear your ideas.

A special thank you to Joey Schrichte who’s a great writer and super marathon runner. He’s written some wonderful articles that you’ll be seeing over the next few weeks. He’s also been very encouraging and motivational with regards to QMU 2.0.

Thank you and please just have a little more Patience. As we’ve discussed before, advancement comes from Major Changes. And QMU is ready for the next step!

“Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.” – Nia Peeples

Thank you and have an amazing day.
Don’t forget to smile.
I appeciate you!

Be a Leaf in the River.

Posted by Zak Reid

We can learn a lot from nature…

Rivers are sometimes slow. Other times they speed up, rush to the edge and fall off of a precipice, crashing on the rocks below. Yet – through the lazy, wide bends as well as the narrow canyons and rapids – a leaf that has fallen into the river will many times make it past these obstacles.

The leaf will flow with the river, and follow where the current takes it. Leaves in water don’t have an agenda, they aren’t scared of the rapids, and they don’t fight what the river tells them.

Be a Leaf in the River.

“Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.” – Zhuangzi

It’s so easy to make plans. We can create a grand picture in our mind of the future and how we want it to play out. We can project what we want the future to be, and become attached to this future. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we’re not in control.

We can feel in control, but at any given moment, everything can change. Sometimes things will change for the better, sometimes for the worse, but many times, life takes us off of the track that we had chosen.

This can be crushingly difficult to understand if we’re grasping at a plan and course. But for others, who allow the river to take control in moments such as these, it’s just another element of life.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” – Lao Tzu

What would happen if your employer suddenly shut their doors tomorrow? Some would lament, fight, deny reality, and then sink into depression – suddenly unsure of the future and what lies ahead. Others would say – “Ok, it’s time to move on” – and look for an even better opportunity.
Which type of person are you?

There will always exist things outside of our control and we need to remember that. It’s great to have goals, take steps to achieve them, and plan ahead, but we must be ready for the unexpected. Maybe a once-in-a-lifetime chance comes along, and you’re so focused looking ahead that you miss it.

“I don’t really make decisions, I go with the flow.” – Nicole Kidman

Life’s a river… it’s bigger than us, and it’s stronger than us. So while it’s important to dream and set goals, it’s also important to be a leaf in the rapids. Leaves can teach us. Leaves will follow the current, slip between rocks, float off of waterfalls, land gently, and glide further downstream. It’s when we are inflexible, unbending, and rigid that we crash like a wooden boat upon the rocks.

So let’s be a leaf. Let’s be flexible. Let’s follow the current. And let’s remember that this life is one, so let’s enjoy the journey downstream.

Be a Leaf in the River.

Quick Me Ups Turns One!

Posted by Zak Reid

Happy Birthday Quick Me Ups!!

It’s been a year full of learning, writing, thinking, growing, dreaming and saying thanks. Thank you to the reader for following along and keeping me going; thank you to every person, animal, and element of nature that inspires me; I say thanks because I was born where I was born, when I was born, and the beautiful family that I inherited upon my birth.

I simply say: Thank You.

Quick Me Ups is One Year Old!


A beautiful Arizonan sunset. Photo: Zachary Reid, 2014.

The idea for Quick Me Ups came to me at the beach. The year 2014 was just beginning and there was something slowly brewing in me. As I relaxed next to the Pacific Ocean here in Chile, I decided to swim out to sea a few hundred feet… past the breaking waves, where it became just me, waves, ocean, and horizon, and the idea began to crystallize.

I wanted to share positivity: a website could help me share it with more people. The idea began to take form – how the site could look, what it could be, where it could go. The snowball grew and grew, and Quick Me Ups was born.

Read the first entry, one year ago, here: Turning 30.

Over the past year I’ve dedicated time every week to write 2 or 3 entries, to share them with you in order to build a base. But, with a full time job, and the time needed to write multiple posts weekly, I haven’t been as effective evolving Quick Me Ups as I would like to be.

Now, we’re headed into the 2nd year, and it’s time to evolve + grow. I have ideas that I will be testing / trying / implementing over the next few months, some may work, others not as well, but it’s time to try new things.

Here are some ideas I have for QMU year 2:
– Open a Spanish side of the site.
– Mix in occasional shorter posts to keep up the frequency.
– Incorporate other authors; become a contributing, lead editor.
– Promote the site more actively; consider bringing in a marketer.
– I would like to support more volunteer projects, possibly culminating in a fund raiser / charity project in 2015.

There are many directions this site can take, but for it to stay alive another year, I need to make changes, and I hope you can help share the site with your friends, so we can grow together.

Thank you for reading, supporting, and motivating me to keep going. There are a few people I would like to take a moment to recognize for all of their support / comments / views / shares in 2014.

A special thanks to: All of the family + friends that have supported me,  my wonderful girlfriend who supports me and my crazy ideas, and the other writers and readers who have made a point to comment here, or tell me in person that they appreciate QMU.

The 2014 Quick Me Ups Top Commenter was Katelon Jeffereys (from EmpowerAndBalance) – Thanks Katelon! Also thank you very much to – DeJav Speller, Liz Isaacs, Elizabeth (Cardamone5), Yvette (Y.Prior), Marie Abanga, Andrew Cook, Skip Prichard, Lelia Antillia-Mu, Joey Schrichte and Greg Skrivanek. There are many more of you reading and commenting, and I appreciate each of you, so keep up the great work and maybe you’ll become the 2015 QMU Top Commenter.

Happy Birthday Quick Me Ups, I hope this is just the beginning for all of us! Thanks to all of you for sharing this adventure with me, let’s make it an amazing 2015!!

Zachary Reid

Good News Friday VII

Posted by Zak Reid

It’s time for another Good News Friday to provide a positive balance to offset all of the negative news stories we hear and read about daily. The more of us that are talking about, and living positivity, the stronger our impact can become.

Who knows, maybe ‘being positive and peaceful’ could even ‘go viral’ in the future. One can only hope! Have a great day, here we go…

Invention Turns Waste into Potable Water


Bill Gates drinking water which, 5 minutes previously, was feces.

The purification system developed nations use to clean sewage water is simply too expensive for the developing nations of the world to utilize. As a result, raw sewage and a lack of clean, safe, potable water is a serious problem worldwide:

[A] shocking number of people, at least 2 billion, use latrines that aren’t properly drained. Others simply defecate out in the open. The waste contaminates drinking water for millions of people, with horrific consequences: Diseases caused by poor sanitation kill some 700,000 children every year, and they prevent many more from fully developing mentally and physically. – Bill Gates

And so it was that Bill Gates challenged some of the brightest engineers to develop a cheaper system to purify sewage into potable drinking water for use all over the world. An amazing invention has come out of this project named the Janicki Omniprocessor.

This wonderful machine takes solid waste, super-heats it to sanitize and dry it, burns the dry waste as fuel which powers a steam-engine-run generator and creates electricity; with this electricity it collects the vapor from the super-heated waste, purifies it for drinking water, and delivers it to a tap. After using the fuel as waste, the machine even creates a surplus of energy, allowing electricity to be exported to the local grid.

The entrepreneur and owner of this machine will make money for:
– Receiving the waste.
– Providing drinking water.
– Providing electricity.
– The ash created.

The next generation of these machines will “will handle waste from 100,000 people, producing up to 86,000 liters of potable water a day and a net 250 kw of electricity” (source). Wow, talk about a win-win-win situation!

Here’s a great video summarizing how this game-changing invention works:

One can only hope that these systems can be installed in developing nations worldwide as soon as possible.


Girl Beats the Odds: From Homeless to Harvard

Dawn Loggins - From Homeless to Harvard - Inspirational story - Quick Me Ups

Dawn Loggins overcame all odds to attend and thrive at Harvard University.

Dawn Loggins was nationally recognized in 2012 for getting accepted to Harvard. While attending such a prestigious university is an accomplishment in itself, it’s all the more noteworthy because just one year prior, she was homeless:

In 2011, Loggins returned home from a summer program for gifted high school students to discover her parents, who were experiencing a number of problems, had abandoned her. She lived with several people, notably middle school custodian Sheryl Kolton, and worked as a custodian herself at Burns High School in her senior year. Despite the tumult of her personal life, she was accepted at Harvard. – Charlotte Observer

While it was a tough situation, she adjusted and overcame. She stayed focus on her goals believing that “[g]etting an education is the most important thing that you can do for yourself. It is the only way to lift yourself out of poverty, and an education can never be taken from you.”

While the story gained national attention in 2012 as she graduated from high school and was accepted to Harvard, her future wasn’t guaranteed. Thankfully, in a 2014 update of her story, we have learned that she is thriving in her study of Linguistics at Harvard. Dawn continues to visit her hometown, and while she has declined interviews in order to keep her life private, she is on track to graduate in 2017 from the prestigious institution.

Another reminder that with dedication and self-belief, we are capable of amazing things.


Legally Blind Woman Sees Her Newborn Son

Kathy Beitz, Yvonne Felix, eSight Company, #MakeBlindnessHistory

Kathy Beitz seeing a baby for the first time… and it happens to be her son!

From a young age Kathy Beitz has been legally blind. Her older sister, Yvonne Felix, is also legally blind, and has been able to help guide Kathy as she’s grown up. A number of years ago Yvonne had children, and said that one of the hardest parts about being a parent was not being able to see your child.

With that back story, Yvonne wanted to make sure that her sister Kathy never had to go through the same hardship. After contacting the eSight Corporation, they agreed to lend Kathy one of their $15,000 pair of specialized glasses for the day of her child’s birth.

Yvonne Felix took a video of the first time Kathy laid eyes on a baby… which just so happened to be her own child:

Felix has gone on to start the #MakeBlindnessHistory project, in order to raise money to purchase eSight glasses for Kathy, as well as other legally blind individuals:

“When we finish raising money for Kathy’s eSight, we will raise money for another blind individual’s eSight,” Yvonne Felix wrote on makeblindnesshistory.com. “Then another, and another, and another. We won’t stop until every blind person who wants to see, gets eSight.”

Yet another story of an individual using their disability as motivation to help others. What a wonderful time that we’re living in as medical advances continue to impact, and improve our quality of life. I hope we see the price tag on these special glasses drop, and become more accessible to legally blind people everywhere.


The world is full of great stories like the Minneapolis man who handed out 520,000 sandwiches to the homeless and hungry in 2014; the former burn victim who opened a business, giving paramedical facial tattoos for burn victims to help them regain their confidence; and the cab driver who received a $1,000 tip for a 2 minute ride.

If you watch the news you’d never know any of this has happened, because unfortunately, crime / terror / war / loss is what is fed to us via mainstream media. We can work to change this by turning off the news (until they (hopefully) get their act together) and sharing these positive news stories with friends and family.

There are good people out there doing good deeds. Let’s work to share their stories and impact the world as positively as we can. Have a great day!

Good News Friday VII.

I Wish You the Best.

Posted by Zak Reid

Good day.

Today’s message is very simple:
I cheer for you.
I root for you.
I wish nothing but the best for you.

When things get difficult, just remember there are people out there cheering you on and wishing for your success. In moments of failure, we’re also there, sending you strength, hoping that you can refocus before your next challenge. Bottom line: I pray that you succeed.

I Wish You the Best.

Family at Graduation, Supporting, Cheering and Celebrating

A young woman celebrating graduation with her family. Photo: Tulane University

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. would’ve turned 86 years old last week and many have been celebrating his life. There are many things that can be said about him concerning individual freedoms and equality, but one important part of his legacy was his fight to ensure that those around him could achieve their dreams.

Life is full of challenges and difficulties. Sometimes we feel that we are struggling alone, without help and without support. We can feel that we’re on our own. This is not the case. There is always somebody wishing the best for you and hoping you get over your challenge – whether it be family, friends, or strangers in other parts of the world.

Even without knowing your exact story, I can confidently say that as long as your goals don’t involve hurting others, I truly want you to succeed. I wholeheartedly want you to achieve your dreams.

Take a minute and let that sink in. That there are people all over the world that want other well-intentioned people to be happy and achieve their goals.

There are people that you have never met, that are rooting for you.

Take a moment to realize this…
Feel the support from many people all over the world.
They are cheering you on.
Closer your eyes and imagine it…. feel it.

What an empowering realization.

Now what about the other direction – do you support those well-inentioned people around the world trying to achieve their dreams? There are millions and millions of people that just like you, who want to make the best impact they can in this life. Let’s root for and support them.

Feel your support going out to those all around the world who are working just as you and I to have a good life. Feel them cheering you on in turn.

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” – Dalai Lama

Sometimes even a few words to somebody that’s preparing for a test, or having a hard time at work/school can mean all the difference in the world. So when we feel alone, let’s remember there are those cheering for us, and when we see somebody that looks down, let’s let them know that we’re cheering for them!

“The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.” – Mark Twain

I am cheering for you to have an amazing day, week, month, year and life. But let’s take it one step at a time: let’s make it a great day, and we can take it from there!

I Wish You the Best.