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The Time is Now

Posted by Zak Reid

It’s game time.

The perfect time doesn’t exist. It’s not out there waiting for you to find it. There isn’t an alarm that tells you when it’s time to make a change. It’s now.

The Time Is Now.

It’s now before more time passes.

Have you ever had something on your mind for a long time – and you finally do it – and the first thing you think is – man…. why didn’t I do this earlier?

I’ve had that feeling. I dislike that feeling. I don’t want to  live a life where I regret the past. A life where I look back and wish I’d had made a different decision.

I’d rather live a life with failed ventures… ideas tested that didn’t work… I mean I hope some of them work… but still, trying and failing is worlds better than a bunch of “I wish I would’ve tried that” memories and regrets.

If I’m going to make the change that I always wanted to make, when should I do it?

The answer is now.

Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts. – Arnold Bennett

How Are You?

Posted by Zak Reid

Joey Schrichte from Road to a 100 shares his thoughts with us:

What is one of the most common question that two people ask when they see each other or talk on the phone?

How are you?

A hug and a how are you is a normal greeting between close friends and family

After a hug or handshake, we like to ask ‘how are you?’. Photo: Tyler McCulloch

Each person is genuinely interested in how things are going for the other.

This is the perfect chance for either person to open up, be honest and express themselves with a friend or relative. When you share how you are feeling, don’t you feel better all of the sudden? Especially when you are engaged in conversation with someone very close to you.

But while we do this with everyone around us, I believe we often forget to ask this to the person that knows us better than anyone else, ourselves.

I think by asking ourselves this everyday we could see positive changes that would make a huge impact on our livelihood.

And this wouldn’t even take more than a few minutes a day.

A good idea would be to take out a small piece of paper, or use a computer or phone, and have a conversation with yourself.

First, simply ask and write down “how are you?”

Answer this honestly. You are talking with yourself and there should be no reason to put up any walls in this relationship.

Are you feeling tired, sad, happy, anxious, thrilled, calm, motivated? Whatever it is you feel, write it down.

I think by doing this and allowing the open conversation within ourselves, we will feel relief if we are on the negative side of the emotional spectrum or more joyful if we are leaning on the positive side of the spectrum.

And now ask, why?

Don’t take more than a few seconds thinking about this.

By identifying what is making us feel down, we can easily take the steps to turn our day around and feel better. On the other side of things we can see what is making us so happy and maybe focus on those things more often.

The other day I was impatiently waiting for a friend to text message me in response to what I sent. Time seemed to be going half speed and I was so anxious that I just couldn’t do anything else. I was constantly checking my phone.

I decided to sit down and write out how I was feeling and why I felt that way.

Immediately I put my mind at ease and went about my evening in a more carefree way. I noticed that I felt so much better just by taking the time to ask myself how I was feeling.

Our relationship with ourselves is the most important one because we are who we spend the most time with and we are the ones in charge of how we ultimately feel.

There is the common phrase that we are our own worst enemies, but I think with this simple exercise we will begin to be our own best friend, as we truly are.

Make time for you.

– Joey Schrichte 

See more Quick Me Ups from Joey here.

So how are you? Personally, I’m preparing for some major life changes so I’ve been busy, as well as a bit stressed and anxious. But this will pass as these changes manifest.

I can’t wait. QMU will be getting a lot more energy and attention in April, and it’s about time!  I hope this message finds you well!!

How are you?

QMU 2.0 In the Works

Posted by Zak Reid

Hello friends, family, first timers and repeat visitors.

Firstly, I apologize for the lack of recent updates. Six months ago there were 3 new articles weekly… as of late, one post has been the norm. But not to fear, changes and advances are coming soon!

QMU 2.0 is in the Works!

Clouds over the Atlantic Ocean, Inspiration for Quick Me Ups

The Ocean: always changing, ever the same. Photo: Tiago Fioreze

Firstly, I’m planning a design overhaul. As is, it’s difficult to see past posts. But Quick Me Ups is all about remembering – to be thankful, to be present, to smile, to take help others – so a post written 6 months ago may be very relevant for you today. I want to QMU to remind us of those lessons.

I’m also contacting authors and inviting them to submit articles for the site. I see QMU’s future as a community. I’m looking for ways to make it easier for you to comment and participate. This sometimes awesome, sometimes very difficult journey known as life can be easier and more enjoyable, if we can share the adventure with others.

People from all over the world come here to read. People from North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa. And it seems like no matter where we’re from, we all have many things in common. I feel that. I want you to feel that too.

So while the next few weeks may be a little slow, prepare yourself, big, awesome things are coming in Quick Me Ups 2.0.

I Need Your Help – There are quite a number of people subscribed to read this blog in their WordPress.com Reader. When I move my site, you may lose your subscription. In order to avoid this, please scroll to the bottom of the page, and input your email in order to stay connected. QMU will never spam you. We’re just here to help you have the best day possible… each day.

ALSO – if you would like to submit anything to Quick Me Upssend me an email with “QMU” or “Quick Me Ups” in the subject line.

I am setting up the official QMU email account, but for now, that’s my personal contact. It could be an article, an insight, a photo you took, an offer to help with graphic / web design, a poem, a link to a heartwarming story, or anything else you can think of.

I would LOVE to hear from you! If you’re a published author, own a blog, or someone with no writing experience, I would love to hear your ideas.

A special thank you to Joey Schrichte who’s a great writer and super marathon runner. He’s written some wonderful articles that you’ll be seeing over the next few weeks. He’s also been very encouraging and motivational with regards to QMU 2.0.

Thank you and please just have a little more Patience. As we’ve discussed before, advancement comes from Major Changes. And QMU is ready for the next step!

“Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.” – Nia Peeples

Thank you and have an amazing day.
Don’t forget to smile.
I appeciate you!

Give it Your All.

Posted by QuickMeUps

Today’s message is simple:
Whatever you do, do it to the fullest.
Try your hardest.
Do your best.
Give it Your All.

Give it Your All, Collapsed after Paralympic Race - via Quick Me Ups

Exhausted and collapsed after a race. Photo: Australian Paralympic Committee

“Do your best when no one is looking. If you do that, then you can be successful in anything that you put your mind to.” – Bob Cousy

Your life is full of opportunities at every moment. Although it may seem impossible, or so far outside of your comfort zone that you don’t consider it an option, your life is full of possible paths that you could take right now.

You could quit your job, and go back to school to study to be a doctor. You could start your own company. You could even pack your essentials and book a one-way flight to any place in the world with no plans to return.

I know this because I did it, and I’ve met many people that have done it. My buddy Dejav up and moved to Australia, Ken bought a home in Bali, Ryan writes to us from paradise, and I live in Chile.

It can be scary but I recommend making one big change in your life.

I firmly believe that.

But if a large change is not in the immediate future, and you want to continue in your current situation, then remember that it’s a conscious decision you’re making.

When we maintain our current situation, we’re deciding to stay the course, so dammit, let’s do the absolute best we can!

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.” – Og Mandino

Be as productive as you can be. Be the best partner / parent / child you can. Be the best friend you can be. Go 100% at the gym, or playing video games, or reading, or whatever it is that you like to do.

The point is, even though it may not feel like a choice, every day we decide whether we want to change our life, or stay the path. If we’re going to stay on our current path, let’s choose to do the best we possibly can!

Be the best YOU possible.

Let’s try to do our best today.
Let’s give it our all.

It can be hard to give it our all for 24 hours every day, but what we can do, is try our hardest. Let’s give it our all today. Will you join me?

What would that look like for you?
Does that mean being more active, or maybe more calm and focused?
Does that mean smiling more, or being a little more grounded and serious?
What does giving your best look like for you?
Please share below.

Give it Your All.

Reevaluate & Realize.

Posted by Zak Reid

A while ago we discussed 4 Steps to Reevaluate Your Path. Today I want to take my own advice as it pertains to this site, and make a change or two.  Let’s go!

Reevaluate & Realize.

Reevaluate your course and realize your best path motivation quickmeups

Reevaluate the route, and realize necessary changes. Photo: jaypee

Regarding Quick Me Ups:

1. Evaluate your position – Where are you now?

I’ve been consistently writing three times a week as was originally planned. I have played with different types of articles and formats including: length of article, topic, formats such as: news compilations, poetry, etc.

It has gone fairly well overall, but with an increasingly busy schedule, I haven’t been able to dedicate enough time to online networking and marketing to drive new readers to the site. I’m doing Ok generating content and sub-Ok in promoting said content.

2. Evaluate your final goal – What does achieving your goal look like?

Continued, inspired writing, with 1,000 email subscribers, and a good number of comments on each article, at the one year mark. Still have a long ways to go!

3. Reevaluate your course – What’s the best way to get there?

I think a few things that would help me get there are:

  • Redesign the site with more emphasis on a landing page / email subscription.
  • More time marketing / promotion of the site.
  • More networking with other blogs.
  • More external / internal links.
  • Observation: I notice that I spend more time on a site when I get intrigued and click other articles after I finish reading the first one – can improve that here.

4. Decide your next step(s) and Go! – There’s no time for standing around; Let’s Go!!

First things first, in order to continue to generate inspired content while increasing promotion / networking, I will start cutting back to an average of two articles a week as of next week. There may be weeks where I still post 3, but by cutting down to 2, this will allow me more time and energy to grow the readership.

In July I will be changing the format of the site to help make your stay more interesting!

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

I had previously made the goal to get to 1,000 email subscribers in 1 year,  so the goal is not changing, but the method to get there is changing. The previous method was working too slowly, so after a reevaluation and some reflecting, I’ve decided to try a new approach!

Reevaluate & Realize.

Today is a New Day.

Posted by Zak Reid

Today is new.
Nobody has ever lived today.
Nobody knows what will happen today.

Today is a New Day.

Today is  New Day Positivity Motivation Sunrise Nature

A New Day in New York. Photo: Vijay Kalakoti

It’s a beautiful thing to know that today is full of possibilities. Many times, we choose not to make huge changes during the day, but the option is there.

You have the ability to walk in and quit your job, the possibility to purchase a ticket to the Caribbean, the option to enroll yourself in a new class, or even propose marriage to your partner. These are all options. You can plan a big camping trip for the weekend, can start writing a book, can make a video and try to become Youtube famous… you can do anything you want to.

Today is a New Day.

Today is not determined by yesterday. Sure, our past has helped us get to this moment, but it doesn’t dictate what we do with it. If you flip a coin, and it lands Heads 10 times in a row, that doesn’t affect your next flip. You still have a 1/2 chance of it coming up heads, just as you have a 1/2 chance of it being tails.

Your past experience doesn’t dictate what happens in this moment.

Today is a NEW day and is ready for you to live it as you want to.
What do you want today to be? Decide Your Day.

Let’s not get caught in the trap of thinking every day is the same. I think one of the worst sayings out there is “same sh*t, different day”. It’s a sad lens through which to view the word. If we expect each day to be unenjoyable and unfulfilling, then we will make each day this way.

“Forget yesterday – it has already forgotten you. Don’t sweat tomorrow – you haven’t even met. Instead, open your eyes and your heart to a truly precious gift – today.”
― Steve Maraboli

It’s difficult to be smiling all of the time, we all have moments of anger, of sadness, and of frustration, but in order to enjoy this life, the feeling of hope and optimism is important. So let’s embrace it, embrace Love and embrace kindness. We’re all here on this planet, now, one time together, let’s try to make it as enjoyable as possible.

It all starts with today.

Today is a New Day.

Don't Sink with the Ship.

Posted by Zak Reid

It’s often said that when the captain should go down with his sinking ship. But what about the first mate, the deck hands, the cooks? As much as you may love the ship, the idea of the ship, or even just how the ship looks, allowing yourself to go down with the boat doesn’t help anybody.. especially not yourself. If you start taking on water, I encourage you to try as hard as you can to bail water and get it floating again, but once you reach the point of no return, it’s our job to recognize it and abandon ship. Don’t Sink with the Ship.

Don't Sink with the Ship Save Yourself

Abandon Ship Before it Does This. Photo: Andrew Betting

First we must decide – Is the ship truly sinking? If every time a large wave broke over the hull of a boat, the men abandoned ship, the Americas would probably still be “undiscovered”. We’re discussing a very fine line here folks: too early and you abandon a ship that was going to survive, but leave the ship too late and you may end up going down with the boat.

Steps to Take:

  • Honestly evaluate the situation (your job, relationship, living situation, etc.) – the positives and negatives.
  • Decide what a “sunken ship” means to you – it can be a job in which you never get promoted, a relationship that is stuck and not advancing, or living in a situation which is uncomfortable and unhealthy.
  • Now that we know where we are, and what our sunken ship looks like, where’s the point of no return – that event or moment when you know it’s gone beyond repair.
  • Some examples of the point of no return could be – working years in your job with no raise or promotion, your significant other refusing to meet your family or take things seriously, or your roommate failing to pay their part of the rent.

If something isn’t working and it won’t work, it’s Ok to move on. Our culture teaches us that quitting is bad, and it certainly isn’t ideal, but sometimes it can lead us to healthy, new alternatives, like a new job, a new relationship (or some healthy single time), a new place to live, or new friends.

What Not to Do:

  • Quit just because things get tough.
  • Give up on what was once a dream because it’s taking longer than expected.
  • Leave a situation in which you were growing, because it was forcing you into new, uncomfortable situations.
  • Most importantly, don’t stay on the sinking ship and drown because you were comfortable and didn’t want to abandon the ill-fated boat.

Unfortunately most of us will be on a few sinking ships during our lives. This post is not to encourage people to become jumpy, leaping off their boats at the 1st sign of choppy waters, but to remind us to be conscious of our current situations, and make the necessary adjustments as we float along.

I’m currently on a ship and it’s taking on water. A lot of water. I’ve been frantically bailing buckets of the stuff, but it’s starting to look like there’s just too much, so I’m eyeing the life rafts. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Here’s to hoping that all of the ships you’re aboard sail off into the horizon. But if not, if they start taking on water, and they pass the point of no return, look inside, summon up your strength, grab your friends and family and make for the nearest life raft.

Don’t Sink with the Ship.

Accept and Embrace Change.

Posted by Zak Reid

There is one item that is consistent in all of our lives that is also consistently difficult and often intimidating: Change. There are small and large changes; there are short-term and long-term changes; there are temporary and permanent changes. Change has been and always will be. There are many situations in which we can’t stop it, the Change will come to be. The best we can hope to do is Accept and Embrace Change.

Accept and Embrace Change Rebirth Growth New Path New Goals

Forest Fires, a Healthy Change & Rebirth for the Forest. Photo: Takeaway

We’ve talked about the beauty and advantages of Making a Change. It’s amazing when you can re-invent yourself through Change to become a better you. But now we’re not talking about self-change, we’re talking about external change.

We’re now talking about embracing a Change that you don’t have control over. These external changes can sometimes be very difficult to adapt to, such as: you get laid off; a loved one passes away; your landlord kicks you out; your significant other breaks up with you.

Now obviously there are great external changes as well: you get a promotion; you win a contest; you meet a new, great person; you win an award. There are a million great things that can happen at any given moment, but we won’t focus on them here – I’m confident that you’re able to Accept and Embrace awesome, beautiful Change.

But how can we work to accept a ‘bad’ change, and why should we?

Let me first say that everything is impermanent. Nothing will stay as it currently is forever. The Earth’s tectonic plates shift, mountains erode, and even our sun will eventually burn out. Your life will experience many changes. That’s just the rule, it’s part of the plan, and it will be. So why would we waste energy trying to deny the inevitable?

Try as hard as you can to make sure that tomorrow never arrives. You can earnestly try and put all of your effort in, but tomorrow will show up, just as it’s planned to, and there’s nothing we can do about it. So instead of always wasting our energy denying or resenting these changes, we need to try to look at the positives.

Here in the southern hemisphere winter is arriving. Just this weekend we turned back the clocks and it is now dark when I arrive home. This is obviously less-than-ideal, but it’s also part of they cycle. Plants die, leaves fall, and it’s part of the process. Rather than resenting the change I’m more concerned with adapting to it as quickly as possible and becoming accustomed to this new season, that’s all I can do.

Also, today is a co-workers last day working with me. She is leaving to look for a new path, and while I’m sad to see her go, I’m more focused on rooting her on and wishing her the best.

These are small examples of change and are much easier to rationalize and accept than losing your home to a natural disaster, for example, but with every change comes the chance to reinvent yourself.

I recently read an interview with Brandy Mychals on Skip Prichard’s page. She was planning to work in communications when she was involved in a freak car accident, derailing her career plans. She then got involved in chiropractics and was doing well until another very serious auto accident happened. She lost the ability to read for seven years and had to essentially start her life from scratch.

She ended up persevering and wrote a successful, award winning book named “How to Read a Client from Across the Room”. She has done very well for herself and seems to have found her calling, which may not have occurred had her path never been changed for her by external forces. Certainly she’s more resilient than she would’ve been without these hardships in her life.

Sometimes the decision isn’t up to us, and when that’s the case, the only thing we can do is accept our new world as quickly as possible. All we can do is reevaluate, adapt and keep moving forward. When these things happen to us the best we can do is Accept and Embrace Change.

Just Jump.

Posted by Zak Reid

Before making a change, we like to have it all planned out. We like to know what to expect. No surprises please. As much as we wish it was, this isn’t the way it works. The unexpected will always appear, so stop planning and just do it. Just Jump.

There’s a popular quote going around that I’d like to share.
Please read and reflect…

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There’s almost no such thing as ready. There’s only now. And you may as well do it now.” – Hugh Laurie

So why not now? What’s holding you back?

Change can be scary. We want to make sure we are “ready”.  But what if we’re never ready?  Will we just wait forever?  There needs to come a moment where we say – ok, I’m just gonna go for it.  Then go for it.  Jump!

The known is comfortable. But the thing is, nobody ever made it to the top of the mountain by being comfortable. The comfortable guy sits in his recliner and tells stories about how he thought about climbing the mountain years ago.

The climber will have all kinds of stories about the journey to the top. Stories of hardship, difficulty and willpower. Stories of training, and working towards a goal. The top of the mountain is part of the story, but the effort and discipline it took to get there is the journey.

The climber took the jump. He/she decided to go for it. To fully commit and try. Risking failure. Risking getting half-way up the mountain and having to come back down. This happens. Many times these same people continue training, and return to try again, or find another mountain to summit.

You will probably fail at some point on your journey. The trick is forgetting the failure as quickly as possible, and getting on to the next goal.

When we try to plan everything out, we run the very real risk of over-analyzing. The popular business world phrase “Analysis Paralysis” refers to this very phenomenon. In trying to analyze a situation, we can become lost in the details, in the information, and because of this, fail to make a decision and move forward.

“Indecision is often worse than wrong action.” – Henry Ford

If you want to make a change, do it, and do it all at once. Even if you haven’t made the 100% correct choice, you can adjust as you go forward. As Hugh said, no time will be better than now. We’re never really ready anyways, so there’s no use in waiting anymore. Make a Major Change and make it now. Take a breath, count to three, and Go! Just Jump.